Thursday, August 20, 2009

USTA Announces Women's US Open Wild Cards

The USTA has announced the women's US Open wild cards:

Main Draw:

Gail Brodsky

Mallory Cecil

Kim Clijsters

Alexa Glatch

Vania King

Christina McHale

Kristina Mladenovic (France trade)

Olivia Rogowska (Australia trade)

Qualifying Draw

Kristie Ahn

Lauren Embree

Irina Falconi

Nicole Gibbs

Asia Muhammad

Alison Riske

Laura Robson

Sloane Stephens

CoCo Vandeweghe

The only surprise to me is Laura Robson, and perhaps Brodsky, for being elevated above Embree after finishing third in Berkeley.

For the complete release, click here.

Also, the men's wild card traded with France has been given to Michael Llodra.


Jennifer said...

I just heard that Cecil and Riske are not returning to school. Good choices by them. If they are going to make it they need to go now. Good luck to them both.

tennisbuddy12 said...

Im so happy for Irina...Such a nice person...and shes a great player...Gail is originally from NY so that could have bumped her above Embree. Surprised abt. Coco and Sloane...Alexa and Vania were VERY close to the cutoff so they may get in but I dot think so. And Robson!? Since Australia she hasnt done anything really.

Austin said...

The surprise to me is CoCo only getting a qualifying wildcard, whats up with that?

stephen said...

I'm gobsmacked. Leaving to one side the, um, unexpected decision to offer her one, can Robson even accept a wild card?

The Age Eligibility Regulations from the 2009 WTA Tour rules A. 2. a. iii. (AER for fifteen year olds) say:

"(b) Wild Cards

"These players are permitted to receive a maximum of three (3) Wild Cards as follows:
"(i) One (1) Wild Card for use into the Main Draw or Qualifying Draw of any category level of WTA Tour Tournament; and
"(ii) Two (2) Wild Cards exclusively for use into the Main Draw or Qualifying Draw of any WTA Tour International Tournament or ITF Women’s Circuit event."

Robson took a wild card into Wimbledon, so to be allowed, this wild card (or the Wimbledon one, or both) must fall into category (ii). Since it's surely not a WTA International event, the US Open must be an ITF Women's circuit event!

tennis said...

im confused on how you know that rule?? haha

sam said...

Grand Slams can do what they want and somehow I dont think the Open is an ITF circuit event

tennisforlife said...

Re Laura Robson - obviously the USTA has a handshake aqreement with the LTA in London.

stephen said...

For tennis, apologies if I've missed the point of your post, but the WTA tour rules are public domain: just go to the WTA tour website and click on "Tour Rules" under "About Us".

stop annointing said...

Junior wild cards announced on USTA. Sorry to say the sensible selection of men's WC's didn't extend to the juniors. Notable snubs in the boys: Mousheg Hovannisyan, Matt Kandath, Sekou Bangoura, JT Sundling. These guys have a much better chance of winning a few rounds than Dennis Novikov, Junior Ore, Nathan Pasha, Alexio Halebian, Mitchell Krueger. Remember how Devin Britton almost didn't get into even the qualifying last year? (passed over for WC's by the likes of Sean Berman) Same kind of mistake made here. Note that there are plenty of 1991's from other countries competing in the Open. Yet the US writes these guys off. Hovannisyan showed he can win at the Zoo, Kandath has gotten to the quarters of a Futures, has wins over Buchanon and Bester in the last 6 months,and Bangoura would take out any of the qualifying WC's. USTA learned nothing from Britton's experience! These 15 year olds are good, may be great some day, but they won't do anything this year. Year after year these WC's are wasted to give some not-yet-ready youngster the experience of a grand slam, meanwhile shafting players who could actually win some matches! Stop giving WC's based on potential--give them based on the ability to win here and now. If the potential is real these guys will be in the Open soon enough.