Sunday, October 6, 2019

Yepifanova, Dale Top Seeds as ITF Grade B1 Pan American Closed Begins Monday in Kentucky; Dolehide, Gaston and Turati Win USTA Pro Circuit Titles; ITA All-American Qualifying Begins Monday in Tulsa

The ITF Grade B1 Pan American Closed is an indoor tournament this year, and right now that is reassuring, with light precipitation falling most of this evening in Lexington Kentucky and more forecast for Monday.

The girls seeds(USA unless otherwise indicated):
1. Alexandra Yepifanova
2. Savannah Broadus
3. Robin Montgomery
4. Jada Bui (CAN)
5. Emma Jackson
6. Kailey Evans
7. Ellie Coleman
8. Jenna DeFalco
9. Lauren Anzalotta (PUR)
10. Elaine Chervinsky
11. Ava Catanzarite
12. Hina Inoue
13. Valencia Xu
14. Gianna Pielet
15. Annabelle Xu(CAN)
16. Dakota Fordham

The boys seeds:
1. Andrew Dale
2. Joshua Lapadat(CAN)
3. Aidan Mayo
4. Alex Bernard
5. Stefan Leustian
6. Hunter Heck
7. Lorenzo Claverie(VEN)
8. Cash Hanzlik
9. Jeffrey Fradkin
10. Leighton Allen
11. Bruno Kuzuhara
12. Jack Anthrop
13. Murphy Cassone
14. Ilya Tiraspolsky(CAN)
15. Victor Lilov
16. Daniel Milavsky

The qualifying was completed today with the following girls advancing to the main draw: Eleana Yu, Emma Charney, Madison Weekley, Ellie Pittman, Kathryn Treibert, Emily Baek, Sydney Pratt, Chloe Brown. Baek then withdrew, and Kate Sharabura replaced her as a lucky loser.

The boys qualifiers are: Dominik Jakovljevic, Phillip Bosman, Ozan Colak, Luke Thomson, Tyler Bowers, Charles Temming, Nicholas Heng, Maxwell Smith.  Lucky loser in the main draw is Steven Larkin, replacing JC Roddick.

Four of the courts at the Top Seed Tennis Club have six matches scheduled on them, so the first day, with 64 matches, is usually a long one at this event.

And, following up on the ITF Grade 3 in Cancun, which I covered yesterday, the girls doubles title there went to Madison Sieg and Nikita Vishwashe. The No. 3 seeds defeated No. 2 seeds Sofia Elena Cabezas Dominguez of Venezuela and Julia Garcia of Mexico 7-6(4), 6-3 in this morning's final.

Caroline Dolehide won the $60,000 USTA Women's Pro Circuit event in Charleston South Carolina, with the No. 2 seed defeating unseeded Grace Min 6-2, 6-7(5), 6-0 in two hours and 20 minutes. Dolehide, who turned 21 last month, has now won two $60Ks since August and should be around 162 in Monday's WTA rankings.

At the $15,000 USTA Women's Pro Circuit tournament in Norman Oklahoma, University of Texas senior Anna Turati of Italy added the singles title to the doubles title she won yesterday, with the No. 2 seed beating unseeded Dalayna Hewitt 6-2, 6-3 in the final. Turati now has four $15K singles titles, with the previous three coming on clay courts.

The men's singles title in Norman went to No. 5 seed Hugo Gaston of France, who beat unseeded Michael Geerts(Arizona State) of Belgium 6-4, 7-5. It's the 19-year-old Gaston's second $25,000 title in the US this fall, after also winning in Houston last month. He won his first ITF World Tennis Tour title this spring at a $25K in Italy.

Pre-qualifying for the ITA's All-American Championships in Tulsa began yesterday and while the women's portion of the pre-qualifying is complete, and their qualifying draw has been posted, but rain has been a problem this weekend and the men, who had a 256 draw, are not yet finished.


fan said...

it's really extraordinary that men have 256 draw and that they decided to host women as well. The weather, too. No problem here in So. Cal.

College Fan said...

What a disparity. How about the fact that WTA ranked #403 Natasha Subhash was the #1 seed at the ITA Masters in Malibu and then only the #10 seed in Qualifying at the ITA All-American in Tulsa. So one system, the UTR/Oracle has her at least 50 spots different than ITA system. I would have thought that since the ITA has Subhash as the #1 ranked newcomer and she did reach the semis in Malibu that she would have received one of the ITA Wildcards into the main draw. The WTA ranks her around #400. It seems odd that the ITA considers so many college players to be ahead of her. There are 48 automatic entrants to the main draw, there are WCs and then she is only the #10 seed in Qualies? I’m probably jinxing her by writing this.

Colette, any thoughts on why an American Freshman with Subhash’s resume would be so seeded so low at the “All-Americans?” How does the ITA seed?

fan said...

College Fan, didn't you know that freshmen only start from Q? The highest ranked ones(preseason ranking). She played only 1 tournament and many higher seeded players played at least a year, playing #1 singles.
The more scandalous thing is that women matches aren't streamed, unlike men. Seems like women are a mere 'add on'. Don't you want to watch Subhash play. Could be a good one against Smirnova.
I say relocating it from Riviera was a mistake: best apply 'separate but equal 'Plessy doctrine' here :D

College Fan said...

Fan, OSU’s Kingsley received a WC to the main draw. Last year Riffice and Mateas received Main Draw WCs as Freshmen. These are each Americans. That’s why I am wondering about Subhash, also an American. Can anyone find who received the 2 ITA WCs? The draw indicates qualifiers but it does not clarify who is a WC nor is there any reference in any report about the tournament.

fan said...

did Mateas? Can't remember but usually top women freshmen play from Qualifying. I don't think it's such a big deal, and she advanced to MD anyway. Some freshmen has advanced from PQ all the way to singles finals in past years.
I think Tulsa players received WCs, including doubles but could be wrong.

fan said...

scratch it, especially on women singles really not sure. Don't they usually announce WCs including ITA ones. Not sure they were even awarded in the first place.

fan said...

I thought Capra went through Q, but no she seems to have received direct WC to MD. Plus Mateas, that's about it methinks, at least the last 10 years for women.

College Fan said...

Fan, yes in recent years, women’s WCs are rare with a 32 draw. I haven’t seen anything that indicates a WC was awarded this year.
With the draw expanded to 64, the information page states that there are 2 ITA WCs, similar to the men. I thought it was odd that the men gave a WC to a top American newcomer, but the women didn’t. Yes, in the bigger picture it really doesn’t matter. But, why list that there are WCs available and then not announce who received them?

By the way, they should rename this year’s event, the Indoors.

fan said...

I feel like every major tournament outside So. Cal is Indoors due to rain. Orlando NCAA was an exception, and a surprise! I was sure it would rain out..lol!