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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July Aces; Baptiste Top Seed at San Diego Nationals; Southern Section Claims USTA Boys 18s National Team Title; ITA Summer Circuit Concludes, Top Five Finishers Receive Grants for ITA National Summer Championships

With the USTA Nationals beginning this weekend, my monthly Tennis Recruiting Network column on the top performances for July is out a bit early. Eighteen players (one a doubles team) made the list of this month's top performers, but, as has become standard lately, I've had to leave out some former collegians who won titles. I guess it never occurred to me when I began this that while juniors age out of my purview, the list of former collegians would only continue to grow, so there's no way to acknowledge all of them every month. But if you need a quick summary of some of what's happened during this month, check it out.

The seeds for all the National Championships except for the Girls 12s are out, with the Top 16 seeds listed below. The Kalamazoo seeds were published on Monday. Click on the headers to go to the Tennis Link sites for the complete lists.  I also received the wild card lists today for the 12s and 14s and they are also below.

Girls 18s (San Diego)
1. Hailey Baptiste
2. Katie Volynets
3. Emma Navarro
4. Alexa Noel
5. Connie Ma
6. Natasha Subhash
7. Alycia Parks
8. Hurricane Tyra Black
9. Abigail Forbes
10. Savannah Broadus
11. Elli Mandlik
12. Chloe Beck
13. Robin Montgomery
14. Katrina Scott
15. Charlotte Chavatipon
16. Charlotte Owensby

Girls 16s: (San Diego)
1. Valencia Xu
2. Vivian Ovrootsky
3. Winta Woldeab
4. Aubrey Nisbet
5. Nadejda Maslova
6. Emma Charney
7. Carrie Beckman
8. Rachel Arbitman
9. Tara Malik
10. Hina Inoue
11. Ava Catanzarite
12. Nikita Vishwase
13. Ava Krug
14. Reese Brantmeier
15. Jennifer Riester
16. Julia Fliegner

G14s: (Rome Georgia)
1. Stephanie Yakoff
2. Kinaa Graham
3. Theadora Rabman
4. Alexia Harmon
5. Lamija Avdic
6. Amber Yin
7. Natalia Perez
8. Carlo Pacot
9. Karsyn Evans
10. Victoria Zhao
11. Maddy Sampardo
12. Susanna Maltby
13. Mika Ikemori
14. Catherine Walker
15. Isabella Chhiv
16. Meera Jesudason

Wild cards: Alexia Harmon, Kate Kim, Thalia Smith, Akasha Urhobo

Girls 12s: (Alpharetta Georgia)
1. Bella Payne
2. Eva Oxford
3. Kinley Vanpelt
4. Clair An
5. Alexis Nguyen
6. Sasha Kilgour
7. Aspen Schuman
8. Mia Yamakita
9. Alex Ackman
10. Anika Paul
11. Sophie Hernandez
12. Kirsten Woods
13. Lauren Kettlewell
14. Haylee Conway
15. Victoria Osuigwe
16. Mischa Briggs

(no wild cards awarded)

Boys 14s (Mobile)
1. Yannik Rahman
2. Dylan Tsoi
3. Nicolas Godsick
4. Cooper Williams
5. Carson Baker
6. Davis Taylor
7. Oskar Jansson
8. Marko Mesarovic
9. Andy Nguyen
10. Mitchell Lee
11. Alexander Razeghi
12. Robert Zhang
13. Joseph Phillips
14. James Lian
15. Alexander Frusing
16. Alexander Aney

Wild cards: Daniel Stojanov, Abhishek Thorat

Boys 12s:
1. Cooper Woestendick
2. Abhinav Chunduru
3. Maxwell Exsted
4. A Filer
5. Jagger Leach
6. Braeden Gelletich
7. Yubel Ubri
8. Andrew Ena
9. Francisco Salmain
10. Prathinav Chunduru
11. Oliver Narbut
12. Nicolas Iantosca
13. Mark Krupkin
14. Benjamin Spars
15. Dominick Mosejczuk
16. Cooper Han

Wild cards: Jake Presser, Carel Ngounoue

The USTA Boys 18s National Team Championship concluded yesterday in Chattanooga Tennessee, with No. 2 seed Southern defeating 5-8 seed Southern California 4-3.  SoCal won the doubles point and got wins from Siem Woldeab and Jacob Bullard at 1 and 2, but Southern was too deep, claiming lines 3, 4, 5, and 6 in singles to take the title. Philip Jordan clinched the match for Southern. A screenshot of the championship match results is below.

The ITA Summer Circuit concluded earlier this week, and the names of the top five finishers in the overall point standings were released today, with USC incoming freshman Ryder Jackson and Yale incoming freshman Vivian Cheng topping the lists. The top five each receive $600 to be used for expenses as they compete in the ITA Summer Nationals beginning August 9th at TCU in Fort Worth Texas.

The ITA has also been producing a weekly article featuring brief bios of all the finalists. The last one, for week six, is available here. To find the others, use the ITA website's news feed feature.