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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

September Aces; Pan American Closed Wild Cards; Nuno Borges, Mazen Osama Top Seeds as Main Draw of ITA All-American Championships Begin Thursday in Tulsa

September was a month jam-packed with notable performances, so many that I had to focus mostly on young Americans, current and recent collegians and those who won more than one title during the month. Including the three members of the USA's Junior Fed Cup team, 19 players are featured in my monthly column for the Tennis Recruiting Network.

I'll be in Charlotte North Carolina next week for the ITF Grade B1 Pan American Closed, with live coverage beginning on Monday, October 8.  The wild cards are as follows, with these of course subject to change with late withdrawals.

Boys main draw:
1. Jacob Bullard
2. Victor Lilov
3. Jack Anthrop
4. JC Roddick
5. Marko Stakusic (Canada)
6. Josh Lapadat (Canada)
7. TBD
8. TBD

Girls main draw:
1. Reese Brantmeier
2. Sophie Williams
3. Daniella Benabraham
4. Eleana Yu
5. Allie Gretkowski
6. Jenna DeFalco
7. Marina Stakusic (Canada)
8. Daira Tomashevskaya (Canada)

Girls qualifying:
Ruth Marsh
Sophia Hatton

Qualifying for the ITA Women's Riviera All-American Championships was completed today, with the main draw set to begin on Thursday. The eight women who have qualified include one pre-qualifier, Katarina Stresnakova, a senior at Oklahoma State. Stresnakova has won six matches in the past five days, which is one fewer than the only men's player to get through pre-qualifying, Jake DeVine of Southern California. DeVine has won seven matches since Saturday's pre-qualifying began.

ITA Women's Riviera All-American Championships qualifiers:

Sophie Whittle[9-16], Gonzaga
Kenya Jones, Georgia Tech
Alexa Graham, North Carolina
Meible Chi, Duke
Petra Granic, Texas
Anna Bright[6], Cal
Julia Rosenqvist[5], Cal
Katarina Stresnakova, Oklahoma State

Nuno Borges, Mississippi State, 2018 NCAAs

The ITA Men's Saint Frances Health System All-American Championships singles seeds:

1. Nuno Borges, Mississippi State
2. Mazen Osama, Alabama
3. Giovanni Oradini, Mississippi State
4. Timo Stodder, Tennessee
5. Cameron Klinger, Vanderbilt
6. Thomas Laurent, Oregon
7. Johannes Ingildsen, Florida
8. Mitch Harper, Virginia Tech
9-16. Tim Sandkaulen, Ole Miss
9-16. Jan Zielinski, Georgia
9-16. Aswin Lizen, Virginia
9-16. Lucas Poullain, Florida State
9-16. Aleksander Bakshi, Oklahoma
9-16. JJ Wolf, Ohio State
9-16. Oliver Crawford, Florida
9-16. Alex Lebedev, Notre Dame

Originally scheduled to be a top seed, but not in the draw is Brandon Holt of Southern Cal, who is No. 4 in the preseason rankings.

Borges and teammate Strahinja Rakic are the No. 1 seeds in doubles, with Klinger and Billy Rowe the No. 2 seeds.

The ITA Women's Riviera All-American Championships singles seeds:
1. Makenna Jones, North Carolina
2. Estela Perez-Somarriba, Miami
3. Gabriela Knutson, Syracuse
4. Anastasia Rychagova, Kansas
5. Fernanda Contreras, Vanderbilt
6. Katarina Jokic, Georgia
7. Stacey Fung, Washington
8. Michaela Gordon, Stanford

Gordon and teammate Emily Arbuthnott are the top seeds in doubles, Knutson and Miranda Ramirez are the No. 2 seeds.