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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Southern Section Wins Girls 18s National Team Title; USTA Nationals 12s and 14s Division Seeds; Kypson and Thomas Top Doubles Seeds at Kalamazoo

The Southern section won the USTA's National Girls 18s Team Championship yesterday in Claremont California, beating the Midwest section 5-2.

Below are the results from the finals; see Tennis Link for other results from the four-day tournament.

The singles seeds have been posted for the 12s and 14s divisions of the USTA National Championships beginning this weekend, with the Top 16 in each age group listed below. Click on the heading for the Tennis Link site.  The list of boys 16s and 18s Top 16 singles seeds is here. The list of the girls 16s and 18s Top 16 singles seeds is here.

Girls 12s, Alpharetta Georgia
1. Harmon, Alexia
2. Olson, Brooklyn
3. Dunac, Elisabeth
4. Perez, Natalia
5. Bowers, Ashton
6. Baek, Emily
7. Yin, Amber
8. Roeck, Emma
9. Maltby, Susanna
10. Latak, Thea
11. Kolyszko, Emmi
12. Llewellyn, Sophie
13. Smith, Thalia
14. Wrigley, Brooke
15. Wiese, Nina
16. Nguyen, Anna

Girls 14s, Rome Georgia
1. Yu, Eleana
2. Nelson, Priya
3. Mi, Lan
4. Main, Tomi
5. Khune, Anushka
6. Yakoff, Stephanie
7. Saravanan, Nishitha
8. Ngounoue, Clervie
9. Epps, Gracie
10. Block, Natalie
11. Peradoza, Adrianna
12. Carton, Nevena
13. Lopez, Qavia
14. Jesudason, Meera
15. Smith, Madison
16. Miller, Vivian

1. Quan, Rudy
2. Salu, Andrew
3. Razeghi, Alexander
4. Frusina, Alexander
5. Charlap, Dylan
6. Andrzejewski, Piotr
7. Faurel, Thomas
8. Muhala, Santiago
9. Rundle, Andrew
10. Exsted, Maxwell
11. Zinder, Mikkel
12. Filer, A
13. Belday, Rohan
14. Lee, Mitchell
15. Moturi, Siddharth
16. Hobbs, Joseph

1. Heng, Nicholas
2. Kim, John
3. Brown, Lucas
4. Armistead, Jackson
5. Bilski, John-Tomas
6. Switzer, Ty
7. Mayew, Will
8. Pedraza, Alvaro
9. Deaton, Phillip
10. Legaspi, Herrick Thomas
11. Qadir, Waleed
12. Eliscu, Aaron
13. Kim, Aidan
14. Miller, Kurt
15. Chen, Nicholas
16. Rahman, Yanni

Play begins on Friday for the 18s, in Kalamazoo with the first round of singles (top 32 seeds receive byes)and two rounds of doubles (top 16 teams receive doubles).

Patrick Kypson, the defending 18s singles champion, and DJ Thomas, the defending 18s doubles champion, are the top seeds in doubles, followed by Govind Nanda and Trey Hilderbrand,  Robert Cash and JJ Mercer and Christian Alshon and Tyler Zink.  The complete list of 18s doubles seeds are available soon at the ustaboys.com website.