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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

USTA Clay Court Championships Underway; Defending Champion Kypson, US Open Junior Champion Day Entered in USTA 18s Nationals

I'm back from Wimbledon and ready to get some sleep, but I wanted to link to the draws for the USTA National Clay Court Championships, which are underway at various sites across the southern United States.  This year the Girls 18s tournament has moved from Memphis to Charleston South Carolina, with the Girls 16s relocating to Memphis from Virginia Beach.  The Girls 18s winner will receive a main draw wild into next spring's Volvo Car Open, a WTA Premier event in Charleston. The TennisLink website also says that the Tennis Channel will be covering the final on Sunday.

Below are the top eight seeds for all divisions, with links to the full draws in the headings. Although rain delays and late matches mean that all results are not yet posted for the day, I've included a note if a Top 8 seed has been eliminated. All No. 1 seeds remain, but several No. 2 seeds have exited.

Girls 12s (Boca Raton)
1. Brooklyn Olson
2. Elisabeth Dunac (out rd of 64)
3. Natalia Perez
4. Alexia Harmon
5. Emily Baek
6. Amber Yin
7. Emma Roeck (out rd of 32)
8. Thea Latak

Girls 14s (Plantation)
1. Vivian Ovrootsky
2. Lan Mi
3. Anushka Khune
4. Stephanie Yakoff
5. Alexis Blokhina
6. Gracie Epps
7. Natalie Block
8. Filippa Bruu-Syversen

Girls 16s (Memphis)
1. Valencia Xu
2. India Houghton (out rd of 128)
3. Nadejda Maslova (out rd of 64)
4. Madison Sieg
5. Leyden Games
6. Ava Catanzarite
7. Amber Marie Lee
8. Allura Zamarripa

Girls 18s (Charleston SC)
1. Abigail Forbes
2. Andrea Cerdan
3. Michelle Sorokko
4. Fiona Crawley
5. Emma Navarro
6. Chelsea Kung
7. Sonia Tartakovsky (out in rd of 64)
8. Anna Zhang

Boys 12s: (USTA National Campus)
1. Rudy Quan
2. Andrew Salu
3. Alexander Frusina
4. Alexander Razeghi
5. Adam Sun
6. Lucas Coriaty
7. Dylan Charlap
8. Piotr Andrzejewski

Boys 14: (Fort Lauderdale)
1. Noelle Andrey Ampong
2. John Kim
3. Nicholas Heng
4. Braden Shick
5. Evan Wen (out rd of 64)
6. Jackson Armistead
7. Lucas Brown
8. John-Tomas Bilski (out rd of 64)

Boys 16s: (Delray Beach)
1. Zachery Lim
2. Ryan Fishback
3. JJ Tracy
4. Logan Zapp
5. Spencer Brachman
6. Jack Anthrop
7. Jeremie Casabon
8. Jacob Bickersteth

Boys 18s: (Delray Beach)
1. Siem Woldeab
2. Christian Alshon (out rd of 64)
3. Leighton Allen
4. Bradley Frye
5. Marcus McDaniel
6. Andres Martin (out rd of 64)
7. Noah Schachter
8. Axel Nefve

The entry lists for the August USTA National Championships have been posted, and although the wild cards have not yet been announced, there are plenty of notables in the 18s fields, including Kayla Day, who won the 2016 US Open girls title, has been struggling recently and defending champion Patrick Kypson, who spent a semester playing No. 1 at Texas A&M.

Coco Gauff, Whitney Osuigwe, Alexa Noel, Caty McNally and Lea Ma have entered the girls 18s tournament in San Diego.

Other boys of note entered in the Kalamazoo 18s draw are Jenson Brooksby, Tristan Boyer, Brandon Nakashima (2017 16s champion), DJ Thomas, Alexandre Rotsaert and Brian Shi.