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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

NCAA Division I Conference Awards Recap; More Spring Signing Announcements

The conference awards for the 2017-18 Division I season have been announced, with the exception of the Pac-12 men, who do not release their conference awards until after the NCAA tournaments. I don't have the time to research all of the Division I conferences, but I decided to include any conference with a team in either draw in this week's Sweet 16.  Click on the heading to go to the conference announcement, which will include the all-conference teams.

Ivy League Men’s Postseason Awards:
Player of the Year: Victory Pham, Columbia
Rookie of the Year: Alafia Ayeni, Cornell
Coach of the Year: Chris Drake, Dartmouth

Ivy League Women:
Player of the Year: Kristina Mathias, Dartmouth
Rookie of the Year: Samantha Martinelli, Yale
Coach of the Year: Laura Granville, Princeton

Big Ten Men:
Athlete of the Year: Mikael Torpegaard, Ohio State
Freshman of the Year: John McNally, Ohio State
Coach of the Year: Ty Tucker, Ohio State

Big Ten Women:
Athlete of the Year: Kate Fahey, Michigan
Freshman of the Year: Shiori Fukuda, Ohio State
Coach of the Year: Evan Clark, Illinois

Big 12 Men:
Player of the Year: Alex Bakshi, Oklahoma
Newcomer of the Year: Alex Bakshi, Oklahoma
Freshman of the Year: Jake van Emburgh, Oklahoma
Coach of the Year: Michael Center, Texas

Big 12 Women:
Player of the Year: Bianca Turati, Texas
Newcomer of the Year: Despoina Vogasari, Kansas
Freshman of the Year: Maria Linares, Kansas State
Coach of the Year: Howard Joffe, Texas

ACC Men:
Player of the Year: William Blumberg, North Carolina
Freshman of the Year: Benjamin Sigouin, North Carolina
Coach of the Year: Dwayne Hultquist, Florida State

ACC Women:
Player of the Year: Estela Perez-Somarriba, Miami
Freshman of the Year: Kelly Chen, Duke
Coach of the Year: Jamie Ashworth, Duke

SEC Men:
Player of the Year: Nuno Borges, Mississippi State
Freshman of the Year: Oliver Crawford, Florida
Coach of the Year: Matt Roberts, Mississippi State

SEC Women:
Player of the Year: Arianne Hartono, Ole Miss
Freshman of the Year: Katarina Jokic, Georgia
Coach of the Year: Geoff Macdonald, Vanderbilt

Pac 12 Women:
Player of the Year: Ena Shibahara, UCLA
Freshman of the Year: Michaela Gordon, Stanford
Doubles Team of the Year: Emily Arbuthnott and Gordon, Stanford
Coach of the Year: Lele Forood, Stanford

West Coast Athletic Men:
Player of the Year: Michaeil Pervolarakis, Portland
Freshman of the Year: August Holmgren, San Diego
Coach of the Year: Ryan Keckley, San Diego

West Coast Athletic Women:
Player of the Year: Mayar Sherif, Pepperdine
Freshman of the Year: Evgeniya Levashova, Pepperdine and Veronica Miroshnichenko, Loyola Marymount
Coach of the Year: Per Nilsson, Pepperdine

American Athletic Conference Men:
Player of the Year: Constantin Schmitz, Tulane
Rookie of the Year: Joshua Goodger, Tulsa
Coach of the Year: Scott Booras, Tulane

American Athletic Conference Women:
Player of the Year: Ksenia Laskutova, Tulsa
Rookie of the Year: Rebeka Stolmar, Central Florida
Coach of the Year: Bryan Koniecko, Central Florida

More spring signings have been announced in the past few weeks, and there will be more, but it's a good time to catch up on the most recent. I linked to others in my posts of April 12 and April 18.

Kansas has signed Malkia Ngounoue.
Mississippi State has signed Tamara Racine-Beauchamp of Canada and Emmanouela Antonakis of Greece.
South Carolina has signed Giulia Turconi of Italy.
TCU has signed Mercedes Aristegui of Spain.
Wake Forest has signed Saby Nihalani of India.

Auburn has signed Tim Dollman, a transfer from Alabama-Birmingham.
Central Florida has signed Bogdan Pavel of Romania.
Kentucky has signed Arthur Chen of Taiwan, Kevin Huempfner of Germany, Theodore McDonald, Fabian Penzkofer of Germany and Rayane Stable of France.
Louisville has signed Marcus Anker Aarthun Sulen of Norway.
South Florida has signed Tobias Sonne of Argentina.
TCU has signed Sander Jong of the Netherlands.
Texas has signed Chih Chi Huang of Canada.
Tulane has signed Benji Jacobson and Felix Ewers is transferring from South Carolina-Upstate.
Utah has signed Mathias Gavelin of Sweden and Paul McCallie.

In coaching news, Vicky Maes is stepping down after 17 seasons as head women's coach at Arizona.  I mentioned yesterday that Dave Fish will end 42 years as head coach of the Harvard's men's program. The official announcement from Harvard was released today.