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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Anisimova, Crawley Top Seeds at Girls Nationals; Pro Circuit Update; Bellis Returns to WTA Stanford Quarterfinals; SoCal Takes Girls 18 Team Title

Amanda Anisimova has been named the top seed at the USTA Girls 18s National Championships in San Diego, with Clay Court champion Fiona Crawley the No. 1 seed in the 16s division.

The Top 16 seeds of the Nationals (for the boys 16s and 18s seeds, which came out on Monday, click here). I am not sure why the girls did not seed the top 16 numerically, which is what the USTA's tournament seeding instructions stipulate. If available, draws and seeds can be reached by clicking on the header links to the Tennis Link sites.

Girls 18s:
1. Anisimova, Amanda
2. Arconada, Usue
3. Liu, Claire
4. Kratzer, Ashley
5. Lahey, Ashley
6. Gordon, Michaela
7. Sanford, Alexandra
8. Osuigwe, Whitney
9. Baptiste, Hailey
9. Bolton, Elysia
9. Douglas, Ellie
9. Forbes, Abigail
9. Johnson, Taylor
9. Kung, Chelsea
9. Li, Ann
9. Mcnally, Caty

Girls 16s:
1. Crawley, Fiona
2. Marsh, Ruth
3. Navarro, Emma
4. Gallagher, Sedona
5. Briggs, Carly
6. Crowley, Briana
7. Kourkina, Dasha
8. Stein, Lauren
9. Andreach, Julia
9. Blake, Angelica
9. Guevara, Addison
9. Hrastar, Ava
9. Miller, Karina
9. Pielet, Gianna
9. Redelijk, Nikki
9. Tran, Reilly

Girls 14s:
1. Ovrootsky, Vivian
2. Evans, Kailey
3. Shaikh, Hibah
4. Wiersholm, Katja
5. Broadus, Savannah
6. Sieg, Madison
7. Torre, Alexandra
8. Ishikawa, Yuu
9. Wagle, Elise
10. Gretkowski, Allie
11. Tanguilig, Carson
12. Games, Leyden
13. Catanzarite, Ava
14. Smetannikov, Daria
15. Hance, Kimberly
16. Stammel, Bridget

Girls 12s: (seeds are no longer posted on TennisLink site, I found these yesterday)
1. Wang, Matilyn
2. Ngounoue, Clervie
3. Yu, Eleana
4. Krug, Ava
5. Yakoff, Stephanie
6. Levelston, Grace
7. Roeck, Emma
8. Jesudason, Meera
9. Olson, Brooklyn
10. Block, Natalie
11. Peus, Phoebe
12. Lopez, Qavia
13. Nisbet, Aubrey
14. Bhakta, Ria
15. Graham, Kinaa
16. Perez, Natalia

Boys 12s:
1. Kim, Aidan
2. Tien, Learner
3. Williams, Cooper
4. Brown, Lucas
5. Miller, Kurt
6. Herdoiza, Nicholas
7. Faurel, Thomas
8. Phillips, Joseph
9. Salu, Andrew
10. Mangiapane, Nicholas
11. Godsick, Nicholas
12. Boika, Leanid
13. Delgado, Andrew
14. Duong, Quang
15. Regalia, Stefan
16. Mesarovic, Marko

Boys 14s:
1. Daehnke, Griffin
2. Anthrop, Jack
3. Banerjee, Samir
4. Alhogbani, Saud
5. Gordon, Eli
6. Kittay, Benjamin
7. Ampong, Noelle Andrey
8. Krug, Connor
9. Braswell, Jonah
10. Finkelstein, Alex
11. Casper, Luke
12. Kuzuhara, Bruno
13. Jesudason, Alan
14. Colak, Ozan
15. Delgado, James
16. Basavareddy, Nishesh

Anisimova is playing this week at the $60,000 USTA Pro Circuit event in Lexington where she has advanced to Friday's quarterfinals. Anisimova could earn the US Open wild card race by reaching Sunday's final, and would likely pull out of San Diego if that happened.  Her top rival in the wild card challenge, No. 2 seed Sonya Kenin, also has reached the quarterfinals in Lexington and if both win on Friday they will play in the semifinals, with the winner likely to earn the wild card. Anisimova plays wild card Emina Bektas; Kenin's quarterfinal opponent will be the winner of tonight's match between Irina Falconi[6] and Robin Anderson.  Grace Min[7] and wild card Allie Kiick have also advanced to the quarterfinals.

The quarterfinals in the $75,000 ATP Challenger in Lexington this week feature four Americans, all in the bottom half: Former USC teammates Ray Sarmiento and Daniel Nguyen, Michael Mmoh[4] and Denis Kudla[2]. Former TCU star Cameron Norrie continues to post impressive results, earning his seventh straight Challenger win with a victory over Jared Hiltzik.

Two $25,000 USTA Pro Circuit events are being played this week, with the men in Decatur Illinois and the women in Fort Worth Texas.

Unseeded Lauren Albanese and qualifier Katerina Stewart are the only two Americans to advance to the quarterfinals in Fort Worth. Stewart will face former USC star Giuliana Olmos of Mexico and Albanese plays 16-year-old Emiliana Arango of Colombia.

Cameron Silverman(Elon) and Eric Johnson(USC) are the only Americans to advance to the quarterfinals of the Futures in Illinois. Silverman will play No. 3 seed Harry Bourchier of Australia and Johnson will play No. 5 seed Genaro Olivieri of Argentina. Riley Smith beat top seed Takanyi Garanganga of Zimbabwe in the first round, but lost to fellow qualifier Guy Iradukunda of Burundi 3-6, 7-5, 6-2.  Iradukunda is a rising senior at Florida State, and he will meet Aziz Dougiz of Tunisia, a rising junior at Florida State, next.

At the WTA's Bank of the West Classic, No. 8 seed CiCi Bellis advanced to the quarterfinals for the second consecutive year, beating qualifier Veronica Cepede Royg of Paraguay 7-6(3), 6-2.  She will face No. 2 seed Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic in Friday's quarterfinal.

Seventeen-year-old Bianca Andreescu of Canada is having a breakout tournament this week at the WTA Citi Open in Washington DC, beating No. 2 seed Kristina Mladenovic of France 6-2, 6-3 to advance to the quarterfinals.  She will play unseeded Andrea Petkovic of Germany next.

The Southern California section completed a sweep of the USTA National 18s Team Championships on Wednesday, with the girls team beating Southern 4-3 to claim the title.  The Southern Cal boys won the title on Tuesday, beating Southern 5-2.  Results from the final are below:


Brent said...

KZoo predictions...

48 Brumm over Mayo
5 Wolf over Chakravarthi
Perrone over 28 Sands
Yuan over 37 Meier
22 Brooksby over Howells
8 Thomas over Tsolakyan
10 Kirkov over Hance
Croyder over 25 Beiler
13 Cernoch over Woodall
Lui over 64 Talcott
Kurzban over 35 Freeman

1 Riffice over 33 Sculley
17 Sridhar over 39 Pratt
9 Ross over 42 Frye
23 Kiger over 48 Brumm
5 Wolf over 52 Pickens
Perrone over 56 Pelletier
14 Fenty over 57 Ferreira
30 Sah over 63 Bynoe
4 Crawford over 36 Alshon
19 Seggerman over Yuan
12 Ayeni over 44 Wei
22 Brooksby over 46 Fu
8 Thomas over 49 R.Smith
26 Haskins over 54 Ciamarra
16 Walker over 60 Rodriguez
Lee over 32 Johnston
34 Allen over 20 Maciag
10 Kirkov over 40 Huang
21 Brown over 41 Peters
6 McNally over 47 Thamma
Croyder over 51 Russell
13 Cernoch over 55 Arimilli
29 Goetz over 59 Speicher
3 Bryde over Lui
18 Duo over Kurzban
11 Rotsaert over 38 Zhu
24 Nanda over 43 Maloney
7 Korda over 45 Conklin
27 Hildebrand over 50 Draheim
15 Grief over 53 Sun
58 Kozlov over 31 Barretto
2 Kypson over 61 Terry

1 Riffice over 17 Sridhar
23 Kiger over 9 Ross
5 Wolf over Perrone
30 Sah over 14 Fenty
4 Crawford over 19 Seggerman
12 Ayeni over 22 Brooksby
8 Thomas over 26 Haskins
Lee over 16 Walker
10 Kirkov over 34 Allen
6 McNally over 21 Brown
13 Cernoch over Croyder
3 Bryde over 29 Goetz
11 Rotsaert over 18 Duo
7 Korda over 24 Nanda
15 Grief over 27 Hildebrand
2 Kypson over 58 Kozlov

1 Riffice over 23 Kiger
5 Wolf over 30 Sah
12 Ayeni over 4 Crawford
8 Thomas over Lee
6 McNally over 10 Kirkov
13 Cernoch over 3 Bryde
7 Korda over 11 Rotsaert
2 Kypson over 15 Grief

5 Wolf over 1 Riffice
8 Thomas over 12 Ayeni
6 McNally over 13 Cernoch
7 Korda over 2 Kypson

8 Thomas over 5 Wolf
7 Korda over 6 McNally

7 Korda over 8 Thomas

KDB said...

Do you know when 18s dubs times and sites will be posted? Draws are out but without times and sites. First dubs start in less than 5 hours, singles in 15 min.

Colette Lewis said...

Doubles times are postedas of 9:30 am

Wondering said...

Is this one of the strongest girls 18s draws in a long time, if ever? The two most recent Jr Major winners are only #3 and #8.

What would be a comparable draw going back over the years?

Just sayin' said...

Colette, With Paul's 90 points so far this week as of Friday afternoon, pretty sure he has clinched the US Open WC even though there is one week remaining. Paul had a noticeable lead coming in to the week and has only extended his lead. The Lexington winner will earn less points than Paul already has.

Colette Lewis said...

I think there is still a mathematical chance for someone at the Masters 1000 in Canada to earn more points.