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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

USA's Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup Teams; Nominations for all Nations Competing in Budapest Sept 27-Oct 2

The Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup competitions begin next Tuesday, with the USA sending three boys and three girls to Budapest, Hungary for the International Tennis Federation's 16-and-under team event.

The boys team, coached by Leo Azevado of the USTA:
Sebastian Korda
Keenan Mayo
Sangeet Sridhar

The girls team, coached by Adam Peterson of the USTA:
Amanda Anisimova
Claire Liu
Caty McNally

Claire Liu's participation in the ITF's two team competitions, the 14-and-under World Junior Tennis and the Junior Fed Cup, may be equalled, but it is unlikely to be surpassed, as she has been on every team the US has sent to the competition for the past four years.  She was part of the 2013 USA team that won the World Junior Tennis title and last year was on the Junior Fed Cup team that finished second to the Czech Republic.

US Open boys champion Felix Auger-Aliassime is leading Canada's Junior Davis Cup team, the defending champions.  Like Liu, Auger-Aliassime has been a stalwart for his country, with this his third consecutive appearance on the Canadian national team.

Below are the players on each team, starting with those countries who have teams in both the Junior Davis Cup and Junior Fed Cup competitions. Interesting to note that there is no team in either competition from France, Spain or Australia.

Argentina's Junior Davis Cup team:
Sebastian Baez
Thiago Tirante
Tomas Descarrega

Argentina's Junior Fed Cup team:
Maria Lourdes Carle
Azul Pedemonti
Andrea Farulla

Canada's Junior Davis Cup team:
Felix Auger-Aliassime
Nicaise Muamba
Chih Chi Huang

Canada's Junior Fed Cup team:
Bianca Andreescu
Isabelle Boulais
Layne Sleeth

Czech Republic's Junior Davis Cup team:
Ondrej Styler
Tomas Machac
Evzen Holis

Czech Republic's Junior Fed Cup team:
Lucie Kankova
Karolina Berankova
Radka Buzkova

Hungary's Junior Davis Cup team:
Daniel Khin
Peter Makk
Mate Voros

Hungary's Junior Fed Cup team:
Fanni Gecsek
Timea Visontal
Reka Zadori

India's Junior Davis Cup team:
Adil Kalyanpur
Siddhant Banthia
Megh Patel

India's Junior Fed Cup team:
Mahak Jain
Sathwika Sama
Shivani Amineni

Japan's Junior Davis Cup team:
Naoki Tajima
Rimpei Kawakami
Takeaki Ito

Japan's Junior Fed Cup team:
Ayumi Miyamoto
Yuki Naito
Naho Sato

Morocco's Junior Davis Cup team:
Soufiane El Mesbahi
Ismail Saadi
Achraf Nafaa

Morocco's Junior Fed Cup team:
Diae El Jardi
Oumaima Aziz
Rim Benhadi

Russia's Junior Davis Cup team:
Alen Avidzba
Timofey Skatov
Alexey Zakharov

Russia's Junior Fed Cup team:
Olesya Pervushina
Anastasia Potapova
Varvara Gracheva

Belarus's Junior Fed Cup team:
Yulia Hatouka
Anna Kubareva
Katyarina Paulenka

Brazil's Junior Davis Cup team:
Thias Seyboth Wild
Joao Lucas Reis
Mateus Alves

Bulgaria's Junior Davis Cup team:
Adrian Andreev
Leonid Sheyngezikht
Yoan Georgiev

Chile's Junior Davis Cup team:
Ignacio Becerra
Garizon Abarzua
Alan Sanson

China's Junior Davis Cup team:
Lingxi Zhao
Tao Mu
Yecong Mo

Egypt's Junior Davis Cup team:
Yusuf Khamis
Adham Gaber
Faris Zakaryia

Germany's Junior Davis Cup team:
Constantin Zoske
Henri Squire
Leopold Zima

Great Britain's Junior Fed Cup team:
Francesca Jones
Nell Miller
Eliz Maloney

New Zealand's Junior Fed Cup team:
Nina Paripovich
Tamara Anderson
Emilia Price

Peru's Junior Fed Cup team:
Anastasia Iamachkine
Almudena Boza
Dana Guzman

Poland's Junior Fed Cup team:
Iga Swiatek
Maja Chwalinska
Stefania Rogozinska-Dzik

Switzerland's Junior Davis Cup team:
Henry Von Der Schulenburg
Damien Wenger
Yannik Steinegger

Thailand's Junior Fed Cup team:
Watsachol Sawasdee
Thasaporn Naklo
Natthapat Piwbangruk

Uruguay's Junior Fed Cup team:
Fernanda Secinario
Lucia De Santa Ana
Agustina Cuestas


Unknown said...

Do you know if the matches will be streamed? juniortennistv confirmare they will not cover the tournament.

Colette Lewis said...

I have not heard if there will be any streaming.