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Monday, June 27, 2016

US Open National Playoffs Complete

I begin my travels to Europe today, so this is an early post.  Below are all the sectional winners of the US Open National Playoffs who have qualified for the National Playoffs at the Connecticut Open in late August.  The national winners of the men's and women's singles receive qualifying wild cards to the US Open; the national winners of the men's, women's and mixed doubles competition will receive main draw wild cards to the US Open. Links to the draws of all the sectional events can be found here. My coverage of the Midwest section's competition for the Tennis Recruiting Network is here.

See Bobby Knight's College Tennis Today chart for the college affiliations(if any) of all the sectional champions.  Also follow College Tennis Today for updates on this week's USTA Pro Circuit events, which include the men's $10,000 Pittsburgh Futures, the men's $25,000 Wichita Futures, and the women's $25,000 tournament in EL Paso.

Men’s Singles: Tyler Hochwalt 
Women’s Singles: Jacqueline Cako   
Men’s Doubles: Joel Kielbowicz & Matt Seeberger   
Women’s Doubles: Priscilla Annoual & Savannah Slaysman   
Mixed Doubles: Jacqueline Cako & Joel Kielbowicz

Missouri Valley   
Men’s Singles: Eric Quigley
Women’s Singles: Sanaz Marand    
Men’s Doubles: James Cerretani & Max Schnur
Women’s Doubles: Gabriela Porubin & Julia Schiller    
Mixed Doubles: Eric Quigley & Keri Wong

Men’s Singles: Patrick Kawka
Women’s Singles: Ena Shibahara    
Men’s Doubles: Patrick Kawka & Trevor Johnson
Women’s Doubles: Katarina Facey & Alexandra Facey   
No Mixed Doubles competition

Men’s Singles: Terrance Whitehurst
Women’s Singles: Ashley Weinhold    
Men’s Doubles: Philip Bester & Peter Polansky
Women’s Doubles: Ashley Weinhold & Caitlin Whoriskey   
Mixed Doubles: Hunter Reese & Caitlin Whoriskey

Men’s Singles: Shawn Hadavi
Women’s Singles: Julia Elbaba
Men’s Doubles: Vaidik Munshaw & Gustavo Loza
Women’s Doubles: Dasha Kourkina & Michelle Sorokko
Mixed Doubles: Alona Bondarenko & Mykola Dyachok

Southern California:
Men’s Singles: Henry Craig
Women’s Singles: Brynn Boren
Men’s Doubles: Ryan Brown & Joseph Rotheram
Women’s Doubles: Jacqueline Cako & Danielle Lao
Mixed Doubles: Jordan Gobatie & Katsiaryna Zheltova

New England:
Men’s Singles: Cameron Silverman
Women’s Singles: Margaryta Bilokin
Men’s Doubles: Joel Rubio Moreno & Benjamin Collier
Women’s Doubles: Veronica Corning & Meghan Kelley
Mixed Doubles: Ellyse Hamlin & Hleb Maslau

Men’s Singles: Martin Joyce
Women’s Singles: Sara Daavettila
Men’s Doubles: Tyler Barr & Austin Barr
Women’s Doubles: Tracy Kuhle & Danielle Wolf
Mixed Doubles: Caroline Hammond Varga & Christopher Varga

Men’s Singles: Hunter Koontz
Women’s Singles: Nika Kukharchuk
Men’s Doubles: Junior Ore & Hunter Reese
Women’s Doubles: Anastasia Revzina & Alexis Merrill
Mixed Doubles: Lauren Bellinger & Eric West

Men’s Singles: Jesse Witten
Women’s Singles: Eva Raszkiewicz
Men’s Doubles: Rong Ma & Wei Yu Su
Women’s Doubles: Sara Tsukamoto & Diana Wong
Mixed Doubles: Katreina Corpuz & Ikaika Jobe

Middle States:
Men’s Singles: Jose Statham
Women’s Singles: Sophie Chang
Men’s Doubles: Andrei Daescu & Costin Paval
Women’s Doubles: Nika Kukharchuk & Alexandra Perper
Mixed Doubles: Andrei Daescu & Anda Perianu

Men’s Singles: Philip Major
Women’s Singles: Elyse Lavender
Men’s Doubles: Andrew Goodwin & Vikram Hundal
Women’s Doubles: Aryn Greene & Ansley Speaks
Mixed Doubles: Alexandra Anghelescu & Danie van den Heever

Men’s Singles:  Eric Rutledge
Women’s Singles: Fernanda Contreras Gomez
Men’s Doubles: Hunter Johnson & Yates Johnson
Women’s Doubles: Kseniya Bardabush & Aleksandra Malyarchikova
Mixed Doubles: Zach Nichols & Millie Nichols

Men’s Singles: Nick Meister
Women’s Singles: Kelsey Laurente
Men’s Doubles: Nick Meister & Eric Quigley
Women’s Doubles: Alexis Nelson & Anna Sanford
Mixed Doubles: Emina Bektas & Evan King

Northern California:
Men’s Singles: Logan Staggs
Women’s Singles: Sara Choy
Men’s Doubles: Dann Battistone & Brian Battistone
Women’s Doubles: Jada Hart & Ena Shibahara
Mixed Doubles: Kaitlyn Christian & Rudolf Siwy