Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Kalamazoo Draws Posted; Black Top Seed in San Diego, Seeds in 12s and 14s Posted; Ryan Shane Feature

The draws for the Kalamazoo tournament, which starts on Friday, are now available at ustaboys.com.  With such a strong group of seeds there was always going to be some tough, tough quarterfinals, and No. 2 Fritz versus No. 5 Mmoh and No. 1 Tiafoe versus No. 6 Opelka are certainly two of them, provided they all make it that far, of course.

Last year the top eight seeds in the 18s all reached the quarterfinals for the first time since 1976. Could it happen two years in a row after a nearly 40-year gap?

The draws for the other age groups are not yet posted--I'm told the San Diego draws will be out Thursday--but the seeds have all been announced.  Below are the Top 16 seeds in the 12s, 14s, and the girls 16s and 18s.  The 17-32 seeds are available via a link back to the TennisLink site. All 32 of the Kalamazoo 16s and 18s seeds are here.

Girls 18s:
1  Tornado Alicia Black
2  Usue Arconada
3  Sofia Kenin
4  Michaela Gordon
5  Raveena Kingsley
6  Francesca Dilorenzo
7  Ingrid Neel
8  Claire Liu
9  Kayla Day
10  Alexandra Sanford
11  Alexa Graham
12  Ellyse Hamlin
13  Ena Shibahara
14  Rebecca Weissmann
15  Mia Horvit
16  Kelly Chen

Girls 16s
1  Natasha Subhash
2  Victoria Flores
3  Hannah Lairmore
4  Nicole Mossmer
5  Elysia Bolton
6  Clarissa Hand
7  Taylor Johnson
8  Anna Brylin
9  Carson Branstine
10  Hannah Zhao
11  Victoria Emma
12  Caroline Dunleavy
13  Meg Kowalski
14  Ally Bojczuk
15  Whitney Osuigwe
16  Sydney Jones

Girls 14s
1  Alexa Noel
2  Katie Volynets
3  Victoria Hu
4  Lea Ma
5  Angelica Blake
6  Reilly Tran
7  Kacie Harvey
8  Chloe Beck
9  Maggie Cubitt
10  Emma Navarro
11  Naomi Cheong
12  Hailey Baptiste
13  Addison Guevara
14  Gabriella Price
15  Cori Gauff
16  Lauren Stein

Girls 12s
1  Brooke Theis
2  Kenadee Semenik
3  Jenna DeFalco
4  Emma Jackson
5  Rachel Arbitman
6  Bridget Stammel
7  Sydni Ratliff
8  Maria Rizzolo
9  Tyra Richardson
10  Tara Malik
11  Hibah Shaikh
12  Madison Sieg
13  Elise Wagle
14  Ellie Pittman
15  Carrie Beckman
16  Katrina Scott

Boys 14s
1  William Grant
2  Cannon Kingsley
3  Daniel Sharygin
4  Nathan Han
5  Ronan Jachuck
6  Connor Nisbet
7  Harry Yang
8  Stefan Leustian
9  Evin McDonald
10  Leighton Allen
11  Hunter Heck
12  Andrew Dale
13  Nicholas Garcia
14  Spencer Gray
15  Richard Bell
16  Thomas Yu

Boys 12s
1  Hugo Hashimoto
2  Karl Lee
3  Saud Alhogbani
4  Phillip Deaton
5  Benjamin Kittay
6  Griffin Daehnke
7  Samuel Landau
8  Eric Perkowski
9  Daniel Dunac
10  Nishesh Basavareddy
11  James Delgado
12  Sam Reichbach
13  Andrew Chang
14  Tonmye Nirundorn
15  Gavin Young

16  Teddy Truwit

NCAA champion Ryan Shane of Virginia is back competing after an injury layoff following his title in Waco in May.  After going 1-1 in the Lexington Challenger qualifying, Shane will be in action this weekend at the qualifying for the ATP event in Washington DC.  In anticipation of that, Kelyn Soong wrote this feature on Shane for the Washington Post, which contains some interesting background on how Ryan and older brother Justin started playing the sport.

In other University of Virginia news, assistant men's coach Dustin Taylor will be accompanying the USTA Collegiate Team to Italy for two $15,000 Futures events there beginning next week. 

The Aptos Challenger, a $100,000 event that begins in two weeks, could decide the US Open men's Wild Card Challenge. Here's a preview from the Santa Cruz Sentinel.


College Fan said...

How about UVa's Wiersholm facing #8 Blumberg in the 2d rd. Last year Wiersholm was the #12 seed. Not sure who is actually favored in that matchup.

Tennisforlife said...

Blumberg has a significantly higher UTR than Wiersholm based on recent results which would make him the overwhelming favorite on that basis. Also justifies a lack of seeding for Wiersholm.

Brent said...

UTR is great but has its limitations. Wiersholm decided to go to UVA, the most stacked collegiate tennis roster in the country. Remarkably, even for a player of his level, there is no shame in not playing top 6 for UVA as a freshman. While his overall results when he did get an opportunity were not overly impressive and not up to his usual standard, he also subsequently has materially less recent data in the model than Blumberg does. Won't be surprised at all if Wiersholm beats him, and I stand by the notion that Wiersholm clearly deserved a seed.

Also, I get the argument about 'just shut up and play the next match in front of you'. Each player obviously has the ability to control the outcome on the court, but to say there shouldn't be a discussion about accurate seeding and its' potential impact on results is basically taking the position that there shouldn't be seeds in the first place. Maybe we should just scrap everything and see if Tiafoe and Fritz play in the round of 128. Who cares? Wiersholm could easily beat Knight and Paul in two incredibly draining matches and then lose in the round of 64. To act like his ability to compete and/or win the title wasn't impacted by his lack of a seed is really short-sighted.

Just saying said...

Congrats to D Kudla.... Knocks off Jack Sock in Atlanta. 7-6(6),3...kudla is coming off a Great Wimbledon and continues.... Good Luck to Kudla! Raymond Sarmeinto, USC Alum , knocks off Brayden Schnur, North Carolina Tar Heel, in Saskatoon, Canada Futures.... This is a good sign for Brayden to go back to the Tarheels instead of going pro