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Friday, May 15, 2015

Jake DeVine Feature; Women's Division I Team Championships' Round of 16 Begins Today

Before the first round of women's matches at the finals site begin here in Waco, I wanted to post a link to the Tennis Recruiting Network feature story I wrote on Jake DeVine, who will be joining the USC Trojans in the fall. DeVine's serious back injury kept him from competing throughout 2014, but he's been playing regularly since early this year, and is looking at his break from tennis as a blessing in disguise.

It's wet in Waco this morning, but here is the schedule for the women's matches today, all times Central:

Miami(15) vs North Carolina(2) 9 am
UCLA(7) vs Texas A&M(10) 9 am
Georgia(6) vs Michigan(11) noon
Stanford(14) vs Cal(3) noon
Vanderbilt(4) vs Clemson 3 pm
Florida(5) vs Oklahoma St(12) 3 pm
Baylor(8) vs Virginia(9)  7 pm
Southern Cal(1) vs Texas Tech(16) 7 pm


Tisque said...

Good luck to DeVine. Hope he will perform well in this year.

Pwh said...

Best to Jake. Class act all around. So glad you're back!