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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Division I Early Signing Announcements


The Early Signing Period for Division I ended last week, with many signing announcements still being posted on the schools' athletic websites. Many commitments are still also appearing on the Tennis Recruiting Network.  Not all the commitments are for Fall of 2015; some are starting in January, others are transfers. Here are the major ones I've read; if there are others I've missed, please leave a link in the comments.

Alabama has signed Andie Daniell
Arizona State has signed Sammi Hampton
Auburn has signed Lizette Cabrera, Alannah Griffin and Caroline Turner
Cal has signed Olivia Hauger
Clemson has signed Maria Fernanda Navarro and Theresa Piontek
Fresno State has signed Emma Wilson and Helen Olivia Noble
Georgia has signed Kennedy Shaffer
Illinois has signed Jaclyn Switkes and Ines Vias
Iowa has signed  Zoe Douglas, Kristen Thoms and Adorabol Huckleby (from Wayne State)
LSU has signed Jessica Golovin
Marshall has signed Jacqueline Carr
Memphis has signed Janina Berres
Michigan has signed Kate Fahey, Brienne Minor and Teona Velehorschi
Mississippi has signed Tereza Janatov√° and Allie Sanford
Nebraska has signed Macarena Olivares and Paula Del Cueto Castillo
North Carolina has signed Jessie Aney
Ohio State has signed Francesca DiLorenzo
South Carolina has signed Paige Cline and Rachel Rohrabacher
Southern Cal has signed Jessica Failla, Alex Letzt and Rianna Valdes
TCU has signed Marie Norris
Tennessee has signed Gabrielle Schuck, Ashley Bongart and Margo Taylor
Texas Tech has signed Felicity Maltby and Alexandra Valenstein
Utah has signed Taylor Calton, Brianna Turley and Margo Pletcher
Wake Forest has signed Anna Ulyashchenko and Emma Davis
Washington has signed Tami Grende and Kenadi Hance

Alabama has signed Spencer Richey
BYU has signed Jacob Tullis
Cal Poly has signed Sreyas Kolachalam, Rafa Lenhard and Josh Ortlip
Clemson has signed Arturo Pinazo
Duke has signed Adrian Chamdani, Catalin Mateas, Vincent Lin and Ryan Dickerson
Florida has signed McClain Kessler and Alfredo Perez
Fresno State has signed Joshua Zeoli
Georgia has signed Walker Duncan and Emil Reinberg
Georgia Tech has signed Andrew Li
Illinois has signed Asher Hirsch and Pengxuan (Aiden) Jiang
Iowa has signed Tony Leto
Kentucky has signed Austin Hussey
Louisville has signed Michael QuangChristian HaushammerStjepan CagaljBrandon Lancaster and Christopher Morin-Kougoucheff
LSU has signed Cameron Andry
Memphis has signed Felix Rauch and Chris Patzanovsky
Michigan has signed Myles Schalet and Gabe Tishman
Mississippi has signed Grey Hamilton
Nebraska has signed Toby Boyer and Micah Klousia
New Mexico has signed Jorge Escutia
Notre Dame has signed Alex Lebedev, Daniel Rayl, Grayson Broadus and Nathan Griffin
Rice has signed Jacob Hansen
San Diego has signed Joshua Page (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College)
South Carolina has signed Yancy Dennis
TCU has signed Reese Stalder
Texas has signed Liam Caruana, John Goodwin and Harrison Scott
Texas Tech has signed Alex Sendegeya
UCLA has signed Daniel Gealer
Utah has signed Dan Little, Freddie McGeehan, David Micevski and Joe Woolley
Washington has signed Enzo Sommer

Two other college notes:  The Illinois women have a new assistant coach, Evan Clark,  and the Yale women have a new assistant coach Matej Zlatkovic.