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Sunday, June 8, 2014

NCAA Individual Championships Slideshow, Videos

I'm closing the 2013-2014 college season with this slideshow featuring the singles quarterfinalists in singles and doubles semifinalists in the Division I Individual Championships last month in Athens, Georgia, as well as brief videos of the singles finalists. For a written recap of the tournament, see my article for the Tennis Recruiting Network.


Joe said...

I'm confused. The NCAAs ban using umpires from calling (or observing) lines during the early NCAA tournament, yet uses line umpires during the finals. This seems a little odd. Anybody have an idea why the turnaroud?

AR Hacked Off said...

The line umpires are there to confirm calls only when Chair is questioned. Players make the calls still.
The SEC Men have a far sideline official used in the doubles.

Colette Lewis said...

@AR Hacked Off
The line umpires make all the calls at the NCAAs in semis and finals. Players do not.

AR Hacked Off said...

hmm did not realize that, thanks Collette, seems odd to play one way all season and then change. Sorry for my earlier mistake.