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Monday, September 9, 2013

USC's Santamaria, Tennessee's Libietis Top Preseason ITA Rankings; Fields for October's All-American Tournaments Announced

I've returned from New York and the last slam of the year, and although there are still plenty of big tournaments left in junior tennis, college tennis is back in the spotlight, with the preseason rankings and All-American fields announced late last week.

Women's Top 10 preseason:

1. Sabrina Santamaria, University of Southern California
2.  Robin Anderson, UCLA
3.  Lauren Herring, University of Georgia
4.  Zsofi Susanyi, California
5.  Anett Schutting, California
6.  Ema Burgic, Baylor University
7.  Yana Koroleva, Clemson University
8.  Krista Hardebeck, Stanford
9.  Julia Elbaba, University of Virginia
10. Breaunna Addison, University of Texas

Women's Top 5 doubles teams preseason:
1. Kaitlyn Christian and Sabrina Santamaria, USC
2. Kate Fuller and Silvia Garcia, Georgia
3. Brooke Bolender and Emina Bektas, Michigan
4. Hermon Brhane and Whitney Ritchie, Oklahoma,
5. Ema Burgic and Victoria Kisialeva, Baylor

The newcomer rankings for women:
1. Carol Zhao,     Stanford
2. Chalena Scholl,     Duke
3. Jamie Loeb,     North Carolina
4. Hayley Carter,     North Carolina
5. Jennifer Brady,     UCLA
6. Despoina Vogasari,     Houston
7. Belinda Woolcock,     Florida
8. Erin Routliffe,     Alabama
9. Jessie Rompies,     Clemson
10. Rutuja Bhosale,     Texas A&M 

The women's Riviera All-American field currently includes all of the Top Ten players, but none of the 23 mentioned in the release are from the newcomers list, so I assume there's a wild card yet to be distributed. The other eight spots in the field go to qualifiers, and there's also a pre-qualifying event, which begins September 28.

The women's rankings page is here.  The All-American tournament selections are here.

Men's Top 10 preseason:

1.    Mikelis Libietis,    Tennessee
2.    Alex Domijan,     Virginia
3.    Peter Kobelt,     Ohio State
4.    Ryan Lipman,     Vanderbilt University
5.    Romain Bogaerts,   Wake Forest
6.    Marcos Giron,     UCLA
7.    Nik Scholtz,     Mississippi
8.    Ray Sarmiento,     USC
9.    Tom Jomby,     Kentucky
10.   Soren Hess-Olesen,     Texas

Men's Top 5 doubles teams preseason:
1.  Mikelis Libietis and Hunter Reese,     Tennessee
2.  Hernus Pieters and Ben Wagland,    Georgia
3.  Jackson Withrow and  Junior Ore,     Texas A&M
4.  Tom Jomby and Kevin Lai,     Kentucky
5.   Dominic Cotrone and Blake Davis,     Florida State

The newcomer rankings for men:
1.    Mackenzie McDonald,     UCLA
2.     Andrew Harris,     Oklahoma
3.     Brayden Schnur,     North Carolina
4.     Gage Brymer,     UCLA
5.     Ronnie Schneider,     North Carolina
6.     Nick Horton,     NC State
7.     Thai-Son Kwiatkowski,     Virginia
T-8.  George Goldhoff,     Texas
T-8.  Alexandru Gozun,     South Florida
10.   Alexandru Ghilea,     Oklahoma

The men's main draw at the ITA All-American in Tulsa, which I will be covering again this year, consists of 64 players.  Top-ranked newcomer Mackenzie McDonald of UCLA was given a wild card into the main draw, while eight other top newcomers are in the qualifying draw.  Brayden Schnur is not starting school at North Carolina until January.

The men's ranking page is here.  The men's All-American field is here.


Alex Guthrie said...

Will Kwiatkowski be ready for this tourney? I know he skipped out on KZoo and the US Open