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Sunday, June 9, 2013

NCAA Slideshow, Videos

This slideshow and videos wrap up my NCAA national championship coverage, with the slideshow featuring the all-tournament team, singles quarterfinalists and doubles semifinalists. I apologize for not having photos of the all-tournament doubles teams.  The complete list of the all-tournament team for men is here, and for women is here.  If you missed it last week, here are my notes and observations on the tournament and its first-time host the University of Illinois.


HooSC said...

Here's an article (in Spanish) about Emilio Gomez's plans.

It says he will be training at home in Guayaquil for most of the month. It sounds like the shoulder injury was a factor during the NCAAs, but that it's getting better now.

His plans are to play a handful of
Challengers. First Manta (ECU) on Hard and then several clay Challengers in South America, Medellin, Rio and Sao Paulo

Then, two hard court Futures in Switzerland prior to the Davis Cup match in September