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Friday, March 22, 2013

Recap of Final Edition of USTA 18s Spring Nationals in Mobile, with Slideshow and Videos

There's usually a sense of satisfaction when I've completed the written recap, produced the slideshow and uploaded the videos of a major junior tournament.

Today that feeling is secondary to the sadness of knowing the 2013 edition of the Spring Nationals in Mobile is the last one. Scott and Lorraine Novak, who run the many tournaments and programs at the Mobile Tennis Center, were dedicated to making the tournament a great experience and were always finding ways to improve it, even though after three or four years, that didn't seem possible. I believe Mobile will receive a sanction for another gold ball tournament, probably the new team event now scheduled for the same time period, and I look forward to covering that. But I will miss this tournament, which I covered from its start in 2005, to its finish last Saturday.

My recap for the Tennis Recruiting Network is here.

The videos of champions Kaitlyn McCarthy and Elliott Orkin are embedded below. Videos of finalists Roy Lederman and Brooke Austin can be viewed by clicking on their names.


The End said...

It has been sad watching these traditions/events drop out of existence over the last 12-24 months. L2s in Hawaii and elsewhere, Copper Bowl, Winter Nats (not sure what is going on with that now) and many more including this wonderful event in Mobile. Thanks to Scott and Lorraine Novak for their effort, kindness, and the special touches that made this an amazing event, and for giving our kids wonderful tennis memories!

Dan - GA said...

??? So, the USTA 18's Spring Nationals becomes a team event for a gold ball? Wonder how many wildcards will be involved in that and who gets them?