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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Kalamazoo 16s Recap; Slideshow & Videos From 2012 Boys 16 & 18 Nationals

My recap of the 16s National Championships in Kalamazoo was published this afternoon at the Tennis Recruiting Network. My 18s recap will be available on Friday afternoon. Please read this week's Tennis Recruiting Network coverage of all eight Nationals if you get an opportunity. The articles have been very thorough and informative.

Below is my Kalamazoo slide show, along with the YouTube videos of champions Henrik Wiersholm and Dennis Novikov.  The videos of Alexandru Gozun and Alexios Halebian are available by clicking on their names, which will take you to the Tenniskalamazoo YouTube channel.


Concerned coach said...

Very disappointed to read the ITA's response. It was very weak. They gave in on everything except the 3rd set. Why? Could it be the only reason they are saying anything about the 3rd set is that so many people are upset about it? If they give in on any of the changes the NCAA and its tennis committee will keep taking and taking. I find it a bit odd that the USTA is going to give a response when they are in full support of the super breaker.
It doesn't seem like there is a strong passionate presence fighting for the sport of tennis with the NCAA or even the USTA. Where have you gone Wayne Bryan?