Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kalamazoo Seeds; National Girls 18s and 16s Wild Cards

The seeds for Kalamazoo, which begins Friday, August 3rd, have been announced.  The draw is not yet out, but will be posted on ustaboys.com, probably Monday.

Boys 18s:
1. Mitchell Krueger
2. Michael Redlicki
3. Dennis Novikov
4. Mackenzie McDonald
5. Noah Rubin
6. Jared Hiltzik
7. Ronnie Schneider
8. Alexios Halebian
9. Spencer Papa
10. Thai Kwiatkowski
11. Stefan Kozlov
12. Connor Farren
13. Austin Siegel
14. George Goldhoff
15. Henry Craig
16. Deiton Baughman
17. Gage Brymer
18. Kristofer Yee
19. Brendan McClain
20. Nolan Paige
21. Ryan Shane
22. Charles Boyce
23. Martin Redlicki
24. Jonathan Ho
25. David Hsu
26. Jordan Daigle
27. Roy Lederman
28. Harrison Richmond
29. Austin Smith
30. Shane Vinsant
31. Harrison Adams
32. Mac Styslinger

Boys 16s:
1. Mitch Stewart
2. Paul Oosterbaan
3. Aron Hiltzik
4. Logan Smith
5. Thomas Fawcett
6. Chase Perez-Blanco
7. Tommy Mylnikov
8. Baker Newman
9. Sameer Kumar
10. Will Showers
11. Maximilian Fliegner
12. Henrik Wiersholm
13. Logan Staggs
14. Jess Jones
15. William Griffith
16. Nathan Ponwith
17. Hampton Drake
18. Yancy Dennis
19. Toshiki Matsuya
20. Kyle Seelig
21. Christian Langmo
22. Daniel Kerznerman
23. Josh Silverstein
24. David Wilczynski
25. William Chiu
26. Eduardo Nava
27. Jordi Arconada
28. Kial Kaiser
29. Walker Duncan
30. JT Nishimura
31. Tate Allwardt
32. Alexandru Gozun

The girls 16s and 18s seeds have not been posted yet, but the names of the wild cards have been announced:

Girls 16s:
Mary Haffey
Isabella Heidenreich
Kelly Shaffer
Carolyn Xie

Girls 18s:
Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer
Rima Asatrian
Tess Bernard-Feigenbaum
Hayley Carter
Lynn Chi
Yuki Chiang
Liz Jeukeng
Rachel Nelson
Kassandra Orozco
Katrine Steffensen

Notably absent from the girls 18s field this year are Jan Abaza, Nadia Echeverria Alam, Breaunna Addison, Tornado Black, Jessica Pegula, Grace Min, Madison Keys and Lauren Davis. 

Some of the younger divisions have posted their seedings, and that information can be found at the TennisLink site.


Brent said...

To have Austin Smith, Shane Vinsant, Mac Styslinger, and Harrison Adams seeded #29-32 is in a word - dumb. All of these guys have a better chance of winning the whole thing than anybody outside of the top 11 - and as good a chance as a number of the guys in the top 11. There has to be a better way to do it - without penalizing them just because they haven't been playing many junior tournaments for the past year.

Colette Lewis said...

I agree.

Austin said...

Was wondering the same thing myself about the seeding.

On another note, Ryan Harrison was a complete embarrassment at the Olympics. As someone who watches absolutely everything possible of the Olympics, no one else has acted like that at all. With that being said, it was very adult of him to swallow his pride/embarrassment, and come on tv yesterday to apologize. He seemed very sincere, took some guts to do that. Hopefully this incident actually gets him over that outburst hump and helps him.

get real said...

To Austin

Bottom line, Harrison has never been a good sport when he is not playing well as long as I can remember, and his camp always makes excuses. He's uber competitive. He cares so much. Etc.,etc, etc. Well, every aspiring pro cares expect some just have more respect for the game and their opponants. I wish Ryan all the luck because this conduct should have been addressed years ago.

Austin said...

If he can have better results people will care less about the behavior. I definitely saw a look of complete embarrassment on his part yesterday, as opposed to other times when he didnt seem as worried about it.

On another note, his brother Christian had his best week ever in a pro tournament in Lexington last week, right during the time of our topic about his lack of results. Hope he can keep it going. I still dont understand skipping Kalamazoo unless he is already guaranteed a US Open wildcard though. Good to see him making a full recovery from his leg problem. I still have never seen him actually play, only results.

college fan said...

Looking at Styslinger's results, he beat Martin Redlicki last month, Halebian in May and earlier this year he beat Kwiatkowski and Papa. That's 3 wins over top 10 seeds. As others have already mentioned, those futures results apparently did not matter.

Even UVa fans would expect Styslinger to be ahead of fellow Hoo, Richmond.

Will be an interesting 4th rd showdown with #2 seed Redlicki. An ACC, UVa-Duke matchup.

get real said...

To Austn

I never debated Christian's results, I said he had made an impressive comeback the last few months. As to college fan, all those juniors you mentioned are college players at best, nothing so far to indicate they can take thier play to another level so its silly to say one will be ahead of the other.

russ said...

I don't know how they came up with these seedings either. It can't be simply the lack of junior tournaments as Michael redlicki hasn't played a junior tournament since the junior us open. And if they're counting ATP points, as in redlicki's case, why not shane's 1246? So here's a question: Are Austin Smith, Shane, Styslinger and Adams working with the USTA? If not, maybe that explains it, since Redlicki is, and maybe that's why his ATP points count. Furthermore, if you look at the where the seeding committee placed the USTA players who competed at the ITF's, Krueger, McDonald, Rubin, Halebian, Papa, Kwiatkowski, Siegel, I'm beginning to smell a little favoritism. (BTW, I can see michael as a #2, just using him as a counterpoint. So don't start thinking I'm hating upon him.)

Colette Lewis said...

The Friend at Court suggests following National Standing Lists for boys and girls 16s and 18s. It adds that Top 1000 ATP (500 WTA), Top 100 ITF and Top 100 ITA "shall also be considered for seeding."

Colette Lewis said...

All the players that fit at least one of those three criteria are seeded in the Top 16 in the boys 18s.

russ said...

Thanks Colette, that clarifies matters. I don't mind seedings being out of whack if there's at least a logic and a formula.

Brent said...

Colette, thanks for the reminder on that. Still weird to me though - if it is a bright line that you have to be in one of those three categories to trump the USTA rankings, then I would disagree with it but at least it would be clean. They still got seeded, so it clearly isn't a bright line, and while they don't fit one of those three categories - I still think you would be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn't have those four guys within their top 16 seeds (if seeded by ability and subjective 'chance of winning it'). It leads to nutty things like Styslinger and Michael Redlicki playing in the round of 32.

Brent said...

Speaking of Hoos' recruits, anyone know the status of Mitchell Polnet and why he's not playing?

Colette Lewis said...

I guess the only silver lining to the decision is that they aren't scheduled to meet in the second round.

Concerned said...

From I can see in USTA juniors and their behavior , Harrison is probably the benchmark. Embarrassing, awful and happening now. We are paying for this and it's a direct reflection on the USTA.

Disgraceful. Glad the world got to see what we are producing.

Brent said...

Well, with the draws out, here is my shot at predicting how the 18s will play out...so many compelling stories. Should be fun to watch it unfold...

Round of 256 (notable matchups)
Cullimore over Butsch
G.Watson over Korinek
Tsodikov over Murray
Di Giulio over Mays

MATCH OF THE ROUND – I will go with G.Watson vs. Korinek

Round of 128
1 Krueger over Jesse
Del Nunzio over W. Adams
Clark over 19 McClain
Sellitto over Cevallos
12 Farren over Kumar
Sabacinski over Bauer
23 Martin Redlicki over Dempster
Pura over Bost
5 Rubin over Revsin
Zykov over Cahn
Aragone over 26 Daigle
R.Smith over Page
14 Goldhoff over Nix
Wood over Y.Johnson
29 A.Smith over Roller
Jaruvang over Stolar
3 Novikov over Cullimore
Corinteli over Brewer
18 Yee over Schmidt
Swank over Spratt
10 Kwiatkowski over Levine
Escobedo over Samardzic
22 Boyce over Kelley
Montoya over H.Johnson
7 Schneider over Kennedy
Sutter over Clements
27 Lederman over Brown
G.Watson over Kircheimer
15 Craig over Parker
Huang over Marcinkowski
31 Adams over Auproux
O’Connor over Arconada
Celestine over Shastri
17 Brymer over Goldin
Manlangu over E.Yee
9 Papa over Woog
Strobel over I.Van Cott
Naumann over 21 Shane
Donohue over D.Brown
6 Hiltzik over Kaplan
Acaba over Lutschaunig
28 Richmond over Andersen
Depaolo over Arem
13 Siegel over Philips
Lipman over Bellamy
30 Vinsant over Gracia
Goldberg over Willenborg
4 McDonald over Delcore
Garcia over Schafer
20 Paige over Cox
N.Mahlangu over Gonzalez
11 Kozlov over Crystal
Patrick over Donovan
24 Ho over Lu
Solomon over Chan
8 Halebian over Tsodikov
Di Giulio over Orkin
Daniel over 25 Hsu
Vrabel over Sheppard
16 Baughman over O’Shaughnessey
Niquet over Mendez
32 Styslinger over Monaghan
S.Watson over Karl
2 Michael Redlicki over Giannini

MATCH OF THE ROUND – Many candidates but I will give a slight nod to Clark vs. 19 McClain over 12 Farren vs. Kumar, Aragone vs. 26 Daigle, 3 Novikov vs. Cullimore, 10 Kwiatkowski vs. Levine, Naumann vs. 21 Shane, 4 McDonald vs. Delcore, 8 Halebian vs. Tsodikov, Daniel vs. 25 Tsu, 32 Stylinger vs. Monaghan
and S.Watson vs. Karl


Brent said...


Round of 64
1 Krueger over Del Nunzio
Clark over Sellitto
12 Farren over Sabcinski
23 Martin Redlicki over Pura
5 Rubin over Zykov
Aragone over R.Smith
14 Goldhoff over Wood
29 A.Smith over Jaruvang
3 Novikov over Corinteli
18 K.Yee over Swank
10 Kwiatkowski over Escobedo
22 Boyce over Montoya
7 Schneider over Sutter
G.Watson over 27 Lederman
15 Craig over Huang
31 Adams over O’Connor
17 Brymer over Celestine
9 Papa over Y.Mahlangu
Strobel over Naumann
6 Hiltzik over Donahue
28 Richmond over Acaba
13 Siegel over Depaolo
30 Vinsant over Lipman
4 McDonald over Goldberg
20 Paige over Garcia
11 Kozlov over N.Mahlangu
24 Ho over Patrick
8 Halebian over Solomon
Di Giulio over Daniel
16 Baughman over Vrabel
32 Styslinger over Niquet
2 Michael Redlicki over S.Watson

MATCH OF THE ROUND – Many candidates but I will give a slight nod to 30 Vinsant vs. Lipman, over 1 Krueger vs. Del Nunzio, 23 Martin Redlicki vs. Pura, 14 Goldhoff vs. Wood, 3 Novikov vs. Corinteli, 10 Kwaitkowski vs. Escobedo, G.Watson vs. 27 Lederman, 4 McDonald vs. Goldberg, 20 Paige vs. Garcia, 8 Halebian vs. Solomon, and 2 Michael Redlicki vs. S.Watson

Round of 32
1 Krueger over Clark
12 Farren over 23 Martin Redlicki
5 Rubin over Aragone
29 A.Smith over 14 G.Goldhoff
3 Novikov over 18 K.Yee
10 Kwiatkowski over 22 Boyce
7 R.Schneider over G.Watson
31 Adams over 15 Craig
9 Papa over 17 Brymer
6 Hiltzik over Strobel
13 Siegel over 28 Richmond
30 Vinsant over 4 McDonald
11 Kozlov over 20 Paige
8 Halebian over 24 Ho
Di Giulio over 16 Baughman
2 Michael Redlicki over 32

MATCH OF THE ROUND – Many candidates but I will give a slight nod to 2 Michael Redlicki vs. 32 Styslinger over almost any other match in the round.

Round of 16
1 Krueger over 12 Farren
5 Rubin over 29 A.Smith
3 Novikov over 10 Kwiatkowski
31 Adams over 7 Schneider
9 Papa over 6 Hiltzik
30 Vinsant over 13 Siegel
11 Kozlov over 8 Halebian
2 Michael Redlicki over Di Giulio

MATCH OF THE ROUND – Again, hard to pick if there were eight matches this good, but if I could only sit and watch one match, I think that 11 Kozlov vs. 9 Papa would be the most compelling by a whisker.

1 Krueger over 5 Rubin
3 Novikov over 31 Adams
30 Vinsant over 9 Papa
11 Kozlov over 2 Michael Redlicki

1 Krueger over 3 Novikov
11 Kozlov over 30 Vinsant

1 Krueger over 11 Kozlov (6-3, 6-7, 7-5, 6-1)

Dad said...

Brent like your predictions. Is it best of 5? What about 16's

Very intrresting.alot of these kids played 18s

Junior said...

What has happened to Nikko Madregallejo? Not entered and didn't play Clays.

Brent said...

I thought someone had noted recently that the USTA wouldn't let you be registered for two tournaments that overlapped (other than qualifying). Looks like Rubin qualified for Futures this week and is scheduled to play in Kalamazoo on Saturday. If he happens to make the semis of the Futures, does he have a decision to make? Is the 'overlap' rule a myth?

college fan said...

Get real, I was simply looking at matchups with Styslinger and other seeds this year. Though as Colette explains, without a top 1000 ITF ranking, it seems the results don't carry much weight. I agree with most posters that several of the bottom seeds should be higher. I make no (intended) implication about whether they can reach the next level. Also, I completely agree with your comments about Harrison & his on court behavior.

get real said...

to collge fan. what i meant with seeding I believe it's imp to get the top 8 right, for the quarters, and seed the rest equally or else its splitting hairs. As for Harrison, hope this is a long overdue wake-up call for him and his team and no more excuses. Harrison has pulled shannagens when he isn't playing well for as long as I can remember, throughout the juniors. Anyone can be a good sport when they are winning and playing well. I dont mean to be so hard but i just hope its not to late at his age to change.