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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lynn Chi To Join Cal Bears

Today marks the beginning of the NCAA Division I Spring signing period and although most seniors have made their commitments, there are a few who have not. Lynn Chi, who graduated early, will be joining the Cal Bears this fall, so to read about her reasons for leaving Florida and going west, see my feature on her decision at the Tennis Recruiting Network.


work-hard-tennis said...

Why do the SEC and ACC give out the awards to the same players each week, such as "freshman of the week"? I get so tired of that. It is nothing personal to those players--they are great players.

I have no freshman so I am not personally involved, but I know lots of really hard working tennis players. But why would you keep giving the award to the same person week after week when you would absolutely delight someone else with it on just one week? After the 1st week, how excited can the 4x person be?

Chances are likely that the 4x freshman came in already better,are on a top team, so give the lesser kids a chance.

Maybe at least make a rule that the same person doesn't win it in a month?

wi tennis said...

I think you answered your own question at the start. It's the ACC and SEC, not high school tennis.

abc said...

Agreed with wi tennis.

Why would a player be given 'freshman of the week' if they're REALLY NOT the freshman of the week?