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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eddie Herr Slideshow, Videos

Thanks to a cooperative hotel ISP, I was able to upload videos of all the Eddie Herr finalists today. I have embedded the videos of the champions, and the finalist videos can be found on the tenniskalamazoo YouTube channel or by clicking on the player name at the bottom of this post. My Eddie Herr recap for the Tennis Recruiting Network can be found at this link, and the slideshow of all singles semifinalists and doubles finalists is below.

Patrick Ofner
Victoria Kan
Andrew Schafer
Alyssa Smith
Seongchan Hong
Anhelina Kalinina

I posted the videos from the Eddie Herr 12s finals on Friday.


Andy said...

Great coverage. It is one thing when a player can copy a pro's style (Kan/Henin, Tabilo/Nadal, Mylinkov/Berdych) but when they nail the body language and tics that is really impressive. It seems like players that do that set a ceiling for themselves, albeit a pretty high one.

van said...

Great coverage as always! The slideshows display some real talent among the players.