Saturday, June 11, 2011

NCAA Slideshow, Videos

Because I chose not to cover the Grass Courts this year, I've had time to do a more comprehensive NCAA slideshow than I've been able to do in the past. I think you'll agree there are some fantastic photos, thanks to the Northern California light and my husband Paul, who took most of the good ones.

Videos of finalists Rhyne Williams and Stacey Tan are also available at the tenniskalamazoo YouTube channel.


wotten wun said...

While you and your hubby shot some fine pix, Colette, I suspect many tennis fans will agree that what makes ZooTennis stand heads and shoulders above others in the blogosphere is simply your writing.
Yep. Your ability to hammer out scenes on the anvil of your blog with mere words is truly special. You may agree with me or not: Mary Carillo, I feel, is the most engaging and original commentator out in TV-Land--the best--so be certain I only intend the most sincere compliment with this shout-out...to me, you're the Mary Carillo of tennis writers: wonderfully original, consistently fair and objective, coupled with a talent that conveys how nuances swing matches, shows how small bodies can employ huge hearts to overturn paper advantages, helping readers feel they're right beside you, watching the match through your lens.
Ain't bad writing, lady--thanks for sharing!

Andy M said...

I agree about the quality of the coverage.

Does Johnson slice all his backhands? Looks that way from the video clip. Takes skill to hit a penetrating slice, would be effective on a squash court as well