Thursday, May 19, 2011

NCAA Division I Sweet 16 Kicks Off with Men Taking Courts in Palo Alto

Before I head to the Taube Tennis Center this morning, which is clear and cool, I wanted to provide a little overview of what I hope to do with my coverage this year. As in past years, I will try to update during the day with brief reports from the four separate blocks of matches.

Here's today's schedule for the men, women start on Friday, all times Pacific:

9AM: Duke(11) vs. Georgia(6)
Cal(14) vs. Tennessee(3)

Noon: Kentucky(10) vs. Florida(7)
Georgia Tech(15) vs. USC(2)

3PM: Ohio State(4) vs. Tulsa(33-48)
Baylor(5) vs. UCLA(12)

6PM: Virginia(1) vs. Illinois(17-32)
Stanford(8) vs. Tezas A&M(9)

For links to the live streaming and scoreboard, see lateralsports.com.

I also will be providing daily coverage of the event for usta.com.


Austin said...

you cant view live stats via Stanford on your phone, does anyone have some link that allows that? im talking about a link that just has live stats, no video. thanks

Austin said...

why has Stanford's scoreboard gone completely haywire? They are behind on the scores, they completely have the UK-Fla score wrong right now. The entire #2 dubs match was backward via the scoreboard. Tenn-Cal was WAY behind. We have some of our brightest minds at this university, GET THEM TO WORK!!!!