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Friday, February 25, 2011

My Interview with Beatrice Capra; ITA Indoor All-Tournament Teams Announced; Shabaz Joins US Davis Cup Team in Chile

My article about Trice Capra's choice of college and Duke is up today at the Tennis Recruiting Network. Because Capra has been such an outstanding junior for so many years--I first saw her play at the 2006 Easter Bowl, where she won the girls 14s title--and I have covered scores of her matches, I felt I knew quite a bit about her. But in our conversation in Midland earlier this month, I learned more about her Italian heritage, and the offer made by the tennis federation there. She also made it very clear that professional tennis is in her future; she really can't imagine doing anything else. I look forward to seeing her play often in the 2011-2012 season.


The ITA released the results of the voting for the Indoor All-Tournament teams today. It's no surprise that champions Virgina and Stanford have the majority of the players.

Men's Indoor All-Tournament Team:

No. 1 - Michael Shabaz, Virginia
No. 2 - Alex Domijan, Virginia
No. 3 - Sanam Singh, Virginia
No. 4 - Jarmere Jenkins, Virginia
No. 5 - Devin McCarthy, Ohio State
No. 6 - Balasz Novak, Ohio State

No. 1 - Boris Conkic/J.P. Smith, Tennessee
No. 2 - Kellen Damico/David Holiner, Texas
No. 3 - Drew Courtney/Steven Rooda, Virginia

Most Outstanding Player: Alex Domijan, Virginia

Women's All-Tournament Team

No. 1 - Hilary Barte, Stanford
No. 2 - Lauren Embree, Florida
Lindsey Hardenbergh, Virginia
No. 3 - Kristie Ahn, Stanford
No. 4 - Nicole Gibbs, Stanford
No. 5 - Stacey Tan, Stanford
No. 6 - Olivia Janowicz, Florida

No. 1 - Brooke Bolender/Denise Muresan, Michigan
No. 2 - Lauren Embree/Joanna Mather, Florida
No. 3 - Maria Fuccillo/Rashmi Teltumbda, Virginia

Most Outstanding Player: Hilary Barte, Stanford

The ITA release for men is here; for women is here.

There was more good news for Virginia tennis fans today, as the school announced that Michael Shabaz will be accompanying the US Davis Cup team as a practice partner for the upcoming tie in Chile. For more, see the release at virginiasports.com.