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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vickery, Gibbs Invited to Compete at Billie Jean King Cup Monday; Hewitt, Tomic Reconcile; New Junior Tennis Health and Fitness Blog

If you've been following on Twitter, or via the Twitter feed at left, you know I was in Ann Arbor last night for the Michigan women's 4-3 win over Baylor. I'll have a complete account of this improbable Wolverine victory Monday for the Tennis Recruiting Network, and on Sunday, I'll try to recap all the results from the other big collegiate matches, including Stanford vs. USC, UCLA vs. Cal, Wake Forest vs. Tennessee and Florida vs. Illinois (men) as well as Duke vs. Florida, Tennessee vs. Notre Dame, Northwestern vs. Georgia Tech, UCLA vs. Stanford and Cal vs. USC (women).

Sachia Vickery and Nicole Gibbs have been selected to compete in the BNP Paribas Showdown for the Billie Jean King Cup at Madison Square Garden on Monday night, serving as an opening act for the exhibition that will feature Ana Ivanovic, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters as the main event. Last year, Sloane Stephens and Gail Brodsky were the future stars, and the year before that, it was Denis Kudla and Junior Ore. For more on Vickery and Gibbs, see this story from gvtnews.com.

Australia's Herald Sun is reporting that Bernard Tomic and Lleyton Hewitt have spoken by telephone and have resolved the feud that has been simmering between the two for over six months. Paul McNamee, who was unsuccessful in a recent attempt to win election to the Tennis Australia presidency, is said to have been instrumental in encouraging the reconciliation. That certainly makes an impressive entry on his resume, and the tug of war between McNamee and Geoff Pollard, Steve Wood and Craig Tiley, who currently direct Tennis Australia, will continue. Four Corners, which I gather is a 60 Minutes-type show in Australia, is conducting an investigation into Tennis Australia that will be aired on Monday.

And finally I'm happy to report there's a great new addition to junior tennis information on the web. Mary Jo Campbell, whom I know from her past position as a strength and conditioning specialist and athletic trainer at the USTA, has started a blog MJ Tennis Fit. MJ. as she is known, has already addressed the issue of sport specialization, growth-related injuries and pre-match warm ups, and promises many more tips and videos to help negotiate the challenges of playing such a physically demanding sport. This is a great resource for those who do not have access to a trainer and sports medicine expert, and knowing MJ, I am certain she would welcome any questions you may have. So subscribe, bookmark, or do whatever it is you do to keep up with information that is helpful to you. I'm sure her counsel and expertise will have you returning to the site regularly. And I also greatly appreciate MJ's mention of zootennis as an inspiration.


Lisa S said...

thank you so much for posting the link to mary jo's blog! i've been looking for this exact information for my son to use. thank you thank you thank you!!!!