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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nine Intriguing Questions for 2010

My annual look at some interesting questions for college and junior tennis in 2010 is up this morning at the Tennis Recruiting Network. This is one of the few times of year that I step away from daily tournament results and news to ponder some of the bigger questions in college and junior tennis.

We're going to check in on the Plantation Pro Circuit events today, hoping to catch some of the Capra, McHale and Domijan matches. I will try to tweet some results, and will have an update later this evening.


5.0 Player said...

Hi Colette. In your "Nine Intriguing Questions for 2010" you make reference to the possibility of college tennis going global and "a movement to strengthen the competitive environment in Europe."

I recall that you did mention this on your blog a few months ago but now I can't find it. Can you please provide a link?


Austin said...


Are you going to do some sort of college season kickoff post? I ask because I would like to make some predictions and I know some others on here usually do the same and wanted to make sure I do it in the appropriate post.


Colette Lewis said...

@5.0 player:
the link can be found in this post from Sept. 22

Colette Lewis said...

I'm not planning another post about the start of the college season, (I did one when the rankings came out) but I will try to get a post up next week about the results of the SEC Indoor, the men's event that is taking place this weekend in Norcross. It features several of the top January freshmen competing for the first time and can be followed on georgiadogs.com. That may be a good post for your predictions.