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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eight Intriguing Questions; Collins Wins Futures Wild Card; Devvarman Beats Moya; Harrisons Sign with Nike

My annual look ahead--it's hard to believe that I've been doing this piece for five years now--at The Tennis Recruiting Network is entitled Eight Intriguing Questions for 2009. I'm only 92 short of Todd Spiker, of WTA Backspin, who published his Intriguing 100 last week, and those are women's tennis only!

I ran across this press release with the news that 15-year-old Danielle Collins won a wild card tournament for the $25,000 Pro Circuit event in Lutz, Florida, which takes place the week of January 19. I was disappointed that Collins didn't play in the Eddie Herr or Orange Bowl last month, but this result shows she's as competitive as anyone in the state her age.

In second round action in the ATP tournament in Chennai India, two-time NCAA champion Somdev Devvarman caused quite a commotion when he beat No. 6 seed and former world No. 1 Carlos Moya of Spain 4-6, 7-5, 6-4. Already receiving plenty of attention due to his status as India's No. 1 ranked man, the accolades were quick to begin pouring out of the Indian press. This one from the Hindustan Times, which gives Devvarman the nickname AweSom, is a bit over the top; for a more conventional newspaper account, see this article from rediff.com.

And finally, Nick Bollettieri's blog Nick's Picks, reported yesterday that the Harrison brothers had signed an endorsement deal with Nike.


10is said...

does this mean that christian has turned pro??

Colette Lewis said...

He and Ryan signed with IMG in November of 2007.

floridatennis said...


Any idea when Ryan will start playing again?

Safinator said...

Who is more talented, Ryan or Christian?

love-tennis said...

Well, someone extremely close to them told me that Ryan is more talented but less hard-working. Christian is more hard-working but less talented. If you can call his success "less-talented", which no one would! Great kids.

Tom Meyer said...

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