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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hadrien Saperstein Gift Fund

I've received three emails in the past few days asking me to help get the word out on a fund set up for Hadrien Saperstein, a Nevada junior player who has been struck by a paralyzing virus. His aunt has set up a website that explains what happened back in June when the 15-year-old took ill and the rehabilitation, both physical and emotional, that he is in the midst of now. Next week, a junior tournament regularly held at the Las Vegas Hilton, where Saperstein's father Mark is a pro, will be played for Hadrien's benefit. The TennisLink site for the tournament is here.

Saperstein's tragedy brought to mind a similar story I read just recently in Play Tennis Florida magazine about Tampa junior Brittany Barrett, who was also mysteriously paralyzed last year and is now competing in wheelchair tennis with a goal of reaching the 2012 Paralympics in London. For inspiration and perspective, everyone associated with junior tennis could learn a lot from these teenagers and their families.


seick said...

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing this post. I am a very close friend of the family. I have visited Hadrien personally at the rehab center.

As any parent could imagine, this has been a very hard time for the family, at the same time it is a moment to reflect on what matters most in life. That would be family, friends and living life each and every day as joyfully as possible.

We (each and every person) should fill our days with the activities that truly make us happy, do not take one moment for granted. As I have learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer, live "In Spirit" each and every day. I want to close with this thought for everyone to reflect on, because this situation has made be quiet and listen: "Let your music out, don't leave this world with your music still in you". What I mean by this is, do what makes you truly happy.

Again, I want to extend my words of appreciation.
Thank you,

sunnylove said...

Hi I am Adriana Sandoval,
I was in 8th grade with Hadrien at Fertitta Middle school.
Before I moved to Washington I tried getting into contact with Hadrien because he was always a really good friend to me. So after I moved to washington I was thinking about him and I remembered he played Tennis so I looked him up and I saw the sad news. I would still like to talk to Hadrien to see how he is doing if anyone could help me please do. my email is adrianafrancessandoval@gmail.com