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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kalamazoo Seeds

The draw will be available on Monday, but the seeds have been released. I'm eager to hear your comments. Who is the best player not to be seeded, or put another way, who does Ryan Harrison or Harry Fowler not want to see in the second round?
Remember, no anonymous comments.

1. Harry Fowler
2. Evan King
3. Jack Sock
4. Sekou Coker Bangoura
5. Bob van Overbeek
6. Denis Kudla
7. Jordan Cox
8. Junior Ore
9. Raymond Sarmiento
10. Joshua Tchan
11. Clay Thompson
12. Ben Guthrie
13. Zachary Leslie
14. Mitchell Frank
15. Nelson Vick
16. Nathan Pasha
17. Christopher Mengel
18. Daniel Ho
19. Marcos Giron
20. Spencer Newman
21. Harry Seaborn
22. Evan Song
23. Thomas Pham
24. Justin Shane
25. Gregory Andrews
26. Clarke Spinosa
27. Gonzales Austin
28. Brian Fang
29. Dennis Novikov
30. Augie Bloom
31. Wyatt McCoy
32. Casey MacMaster
1. Ryan Harrison
2. Chase Buchanan
3. Adam El Mihdawy
4. Alexander Domijan
5. Austin Krajicek
6. Ty Trombetta
7. Bradley Klahn
8. Ryan Thacher
9. Jarmere Jenkins
10. Tennys Sandgren
11. Dennis Nevolo
12. Rhyne Williams
13. Kyle McMorrow
14. Brennan Boyajian
15. Steve Johnson
16. Wil Spencer
17. Kevin King
18. Denis Lin
19. Casey Watt
20. James Seal
21. Alex Llompart
22. Ryan Noble
23. Walker Kehrer
24. JT Sundling
25. David Nguyen
26. Drew Courtney
27. Ryan Lipman
28. Marc Powers
29. John Huang
30. Waylon Chin
31. Devin Britton
32. Frank Carleton


Austin said...

I love how the best player in the tournament is seeded #8. The last time they did this to someone was in 2001 and Alex Bogomolov rolled to the title.

Question said...

Was sock seeded 3 because of his national 16 ranking?

Brent said...

Well, I think the most dangerous floaters, in order, are....

1. Kecki
2. Kandath
3. Dome
4. Marchese
5. Daniel
6. Burkhardt
7. Stevens
8. Phillips
9. Hovhanisyan
10. Federhofer
11. Formentera

I'm really surprised they didn't sprinkle a little intuition in to get Kecki seeded and move Thacher up. I understand they haven't played much, but yeesh.

Brent said...

I think the 16s seeds are pretty well done. You could definitely have an argument about where Sock should be vs. those others in the top 9 but they got the top 9 right, which is the important thing. Will be interesting to see which of the 9 have to play each other in the round of 16.

floridatennis said...

hey brent

Agree with top 8 except for Jack Sock. Sarmeinto should have been in the top 8, not Sock. Sarmeinto will the the floater in the rd of 16 for any in the top 8.

BMO said...

I agree with the top 9 seeds in boy's 16s. Sarmiento was a decent choice as the #9 seed. I think it should have been as follows: King,Fowler,VanOverbeek,Kudla,Bangoura,Cox,Sarmiento,Ore,Sock. Brasseaux,Rossi,Mathou,Spinosa are dangerous players unseeded.
The 18's seeds aren't done as well. 1.Thacher 2.Harrison 3-4. Williams,El Mihdawy 5-8.Klahn, Buchanon, Nevolo, Spencer 9-16. Krajicek, Domijan, Trombetta, Kecki, Jenkins, Boyajian, Sandgren, Watt. Seal, Britton, Lipman, Carleton are all dangerous lower seeds. Huang? How isn't Dome better? Evan King and Harrison are my predictions.

tenniswatcher said...

Predictions : Semifinalists ,

Thacher , Williams , S. Johnson and Boyajian .

caliman said...


Looking forward to the ZOO said...

Is it just me or does this seem like the deepest field in a long time? Whoever wins this will have to win a lot of tough matches. It seems like a year when a lot of the top seeds are vulnerable with nobody standing out as a sure bet to even make the semis. It ought to be an exciting tournament.

sjk3ncaa said...

Look out for Andre Dome #10 Nationally on the Boys18 (Tennisrecruiting.net). How he is seeded in the top 32 is beyond me. When he's on, he's dangerous to beat including wins over Ryan Thatcher

the zoo guy said...

Chin is a dangerous lower seed. Should have been seeded higher?

floridatennis said...

Hard to predict winner of 18s. Don’t have a sure fire favorite as several have the game to win it: Harrison, Buchanan, Jenkins (maybe), Krajicek, Klahn, Trombetta (maybe) Thacher (only question, has he been playing much recently) would not write off Williams, don’t know enough about Adam El Mihdawy and have not seen Alexander Domijan lately but certainly has the game to at least knock out another top seed or win it.

What will make this interesting is both the 16s and 18s are strong fields and the 18s particularly has a lot of depth: Kandath, Dome, Daniel, Burkhardt, Stevens, Phillips or Federhofer, Tachabana may not have the game yet to not to win it, but certainly could knock out a top seed if playing very wellm and who knows how deep in the draw anyone could go.

And dont have a favorite for 16s wither. Anyone in the top 8 has the game to win it except, I think for Sock, again he’s little out of his depth here. Sarmiento should have been seeded in top 8 but at least the USTA got the top 8 right except for Sock. I really don’t have a favorite here. All these kids have had their share of great results. Fowler goto the quarters of a grade A and the Boys 18 Easter Bowl, Kulda the semis of a future, King the winner clays, Bangoura has ATP points, Cox and Van Overbeek are in the top 125 ITF. They have all had their moments.

All Ill say it will be interesting. 'As for your question, not sure about Fowler for the first rd but in the rd of 16 the two he would probably not want to meet would be Pasha or Sarmiento. As for Harrison, any one of the above list Kandath, Dome, Daniel, Burkhardt, Stevens, Phillips or Federhofer, Tachabana could make a tough st round but Harrison would obviously win .

Austin said...

I didnt even realize Kecki wasnt seeded. Some of these seeds in the 18s are a joke. Who came up with this? Kind of like not seeding Bobby Reynolds or Brian Wilson in 2000.

Austin said...

sorry, Wilson was seeded.

gsm said...

How about the fact that Kecki & Trombetta will play in the round of 64 they were semifinalists last year

McLovin said...

Wow, what a deep draw. There's going to be a lot of so called upsets early as the seeds will feel pressure against the free swinging dangerous floaters. There is no clear favorites in the 18s but I like Thatcher.

Jake said...

I cannot believe the #5 seed at the girls in Berkeley!

TENNISPRO12 said...

MY PICK FOR 16s is Harry Fowler. hes incredibly talented and deserves to be the #1 seed. Probably should be playing 18s...... but most importantly hes a great kid. Really nice to everyone and doesnt party.

Brian said...

Wait why is Ryan Harrison even playing this tourament? No offense and im not trying to be rude but didnt he already turn pro? It just doesnt make sense why he would go back and play junior tournaments.. hes either good enough to be a pro and get in to the us open on his pro rankin or he should be in the juniors. Its just hypocritical and not fair to other players who want to college to have to play a pro enough said.

Fowler should win 16s. Harrison definately should win 18s.

John said...

Jake -- regarding the girl's #5 seed (Falconi). She doesn't have a USTA ranking and is ranked #340 on the tennisinformation system.....and is "5 star recruit"......so you are right, this doesn't make any sense?!

She doesn't deserve a block "17th seed" much less the #5 seed.

Sure makes you wonder about the conversations at the USTA seeding committees that take place behind closed doors......

To be fair, the rest of the girl's seeds make sense......but that ONE stands out like something very shady is going on.

Colette Lewis said...

At the time of the cutoff for seeding, July 21st, Falconi was 525 on the WTA rankings. She is seeded in accordance with the friend at court guidelines.

John said...

Colette -- thanks for clarifying......have never heard of that name and her results are fair at best in junior tennis. She has some good wins on the circuit -- just a name have never heard of so didn't even think of looking at WTA stuff.

Brian said...

yeah matteuz kecki might surprise a fair amount of people. for the boys 16s its a coin toss between the top 3 seeds they are all very talented but Its very hard to say!

Douglas said...

My pick for 18s is Harrison.
And pick for 16s is Sarimiento.

Eddie said...

Well interesting your best bet for 18s is to hard to say. and I agree that Sarimiento should win the 16s.

Rod said...

Agree with the person above. Good choices.

jake said...

I realized that she has a decent wta ranking, but her results are not great and as a follower of junior tennis and wta tennis, I had never even heard of her. So i was shocked to see her seeded 5!

Pros should play said...

Brian, Where have you been?Michael McClune was a pro last year and Donald Young was already a pro when he won it. If you are going to put a wildcard up for grabs to the U.S. Open(a Grand Slam Pro Event) then why wouldn't you allow pros to play if they are age eligible. By the way I doubt he can win it either the way he has played lately but he still should be allowed to play. He is within the rules so whats the problem? Theres nothing hypocritical about it. That doesn't even make sense and a lot of guys in this tournament have beaten him before. Only the top 100 in the world get into the U.S. Open on their ranking so to say he should get in on his pro ranking at 16 is out there. Just because these other guys choose to go to college and he didn't doesn't mean anything. They could turn pro as well and take the prize money and still play all the juniors they want. Know the rules and think before you write. The rules changed years a go.

Don't see it said...

Has Fowler ever won a big tournament? Sorry i just don't see it. The top seeds in the 16's and 18's won't even be in the semis.

billy federhoffer said...

kyle mcmorrow should be at least a top 4 seed. seriously he has never lost a game to the number one seed harrison. kyle has one of the best forhands in the country and he has the presence in mind to change it up with his amazing slice forhand, no one can touch him when he is on his game and his serve and his nasty slice forhand. kyle mcmorrow to win k zoo and to win at least 2 rounds in the US Open.

#1 Jeffery Morris Fan said...

Jeffery Morris is the darkest dark horse ever. He just beat Denis Lin 6-0 6-1, i have him as the number 1 favorite to win the tournament. He could also win a couple of rounds at the Open.

tennisobserver said...

To don't see it:
Need to do your research before making any comments ...

Harry Fowler has been playing 18s for the last year. Last time he played Zoo boys 16s was when he was like 13 or 14 and one a couple of rounds back than. Won his first 16s national title when he was like 14. Recently won an ITF singles/dubs G4 in HI. He is only one in the top seeds that got to the quarters of a ITF GRADE A, and also got to quarters of Boys 18 easter Bowl as well as Evan King. Has wins over Kulda, Bangoria, and one of 6 US players in top ITF 100. , played jr wimbledon and French. Isee either King of Fowler as 1,2 seeds, either way, flip of the coin. My only question is why is Fowler playing 16s when he would have been ranked in top 16 in 18s and he played the 16s zoo like 3 years ago. I dont get that, Oh Fowler also decinmated the #2 seed at the orange bowl this year in boys 16s, who by the way destroyed Saramento recently. ANd donht undertstand why King is playing it when he just won the 18s clay. he could give anyone in the 18s a very good match.Dont get hat either.

tennisobserver said...

picks to win: Harrison, Buchanan, Krajicek, Klahn, Williams (no particular order)

16s: King, Fowler, Overbeek, Cox, Saramento, Kulda (no particular order)

Brent said...

tennisobserver, as his fellow Dutchmen, I am offended that you left the 'Van' off of Bob's name. Just kidding

tennisjunky said...

who is neslon vick, saw he had great results at Urbana...another possible contender for an upset in 16s?

tennisjunky said...

ok picks for winning

16s-Evan King

18s-Bradley Klahn