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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ITF Boys' World Championship Still Undecided; Brengle vs. Glatch for Australian Open Wild card

I checked with the ITF on Monday about the "what-if" scenarios for Ricardas Berankis and Vladimir Ignatic in their race for the year-end junior championship. It's simple enough in one respect--if either wins the Yucatan Grade 1 being played right now, he is the champion. Two years ago, when Donald Young and Marin Cilic of Croatia were fighting it out for the top spot, neither won in the Yucatan, although both played, and Young, who was ahead at time, retained the top spot.

The ITF sent me this spreadsheet detailing the current points and points available for each. Both have advanced to the third round, although the doubles draws are not yet posted. For the singles results, click here. Junior tennis fans everywhere are hoping that they play each other in the finals, with the winner earning his world championship in a head-to-head encounter.

Usta.com has the results from today's matches at Boca Raton, which put Brengle and Glatch in Thursday's final.


Anonymous said...

Off topic, but did I see correctly that FSU signed Vahid Mirzadeh? How is that possible. He signed a letter of intent with Florida last year, then left school to turn pro, so how is he eligible to play college again and why is he going to FSU?

Anonymous said...

An excellent question. He did indeed sign a LOI over a year ago with Florida, he wasn't eligible then, how is he eligible now?? I imagine there are some people not only in Florida, but in the conference that are going to have some problems with this kid. Oops, hardly a kid....21 year old freshman....ha!