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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Signing Week Begins Wednesday

The Tennis Recruiting Network has been a beehive of activity the past couple of weeks, keeping up with all the verbal commitments that surface when seniors return from their official visits. On Monday, Julie Wrege updated the latest on the Blue Chip boys; Tuesday, it was the the girls' turn.

Wednesday is the first day that recruits can sign a National Letter of Intent; before that University Sports Information Departments are unable to comment on incoming recruits, regardless of how widely known the decision is. This leads to some creative attribution. In this article published Tuesday by The Red and Black, Georgia's student newspaper, the prospect of Georgia's return to the NCAA Team finals is discussed. Two players who are widely known to be joining the Bulldogs in January--Nate Schnugg and Christian Vitulli--are referred to this way:

The Web site [tennisrecruiting.net] suggested that Hunt’s partner at the U.S. Open, Nathaniel Schnugg, will be arriving in January, along with Christian Vitulli of Kenya.

During the next two weeks, press releases will begin to trickle out, but short of checking every top D-I's website, I recommend daily visits to tennisrecruiting.net.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess on some of the BlueChip boy's that haven't already verballed. McClune will sit out but when he does decide, he'll stay in California, Jung to UCLA, Lajola will sit out, Bozhidar to Cal, Dadamo to Illinois, Hamui to Miami (fl), Pinsky to Penn State, Madden to Virginia, Guzick to Yale, Brad Cox to Georgia Tech. El Midawhy to Ohio State.
Guys who already verballed will not bail. Old guys sitting out a year, Fugate to Ohio State but that'll be an admissions challenge. Honestly not sure on Levine.
Off to buy a lottery ticket...

Anonymous said...

pinsky to duke....dont know about El midawhy or dadamo. Madden will not go to virginia, i would guess guzik harvard

Anonymous said...

Pinsky to Duke
Lajola will turn pro
so will Fugate (isn't he already)
Hamui will wait

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about what Chris Chirico is doing? Haven't seen his name since April, 2005. Has he been playing? What about the rumor that he is going to Yale?

Anonymous said...

Heard Chirico was going to join his brother at St. Joes

Anonymous said...

levine will go to florida if he goes to college .. dadamo to florida. . fugate anywhere hes accepted

Anonymous said...

Best recruiting class in the country goes to Andy Jackson at Florida: