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Friday, June 2, 2006

Another College Program in Jeopardy

After all the exciting competition I witnessed last week at the NCAAs at Stanford, it's hard for me to believe that another college tennis program, this time NAIA's College of Santa Fe, is on the chopping block.

There is in fact, an NCAA Division I connection here--Andre Begemann, the Pepperdine player who clinched the title for the Waves, transferred there from the College of Santa Fe. It is a relatively new program, unlike Colorado's, but once you read this article you'll be dumbfounded at the audacity of this decision. There aren't just legal issues here, there are moral and ethical ones, and I can't believe the administration will be foolish enough to pursue this cut.


Anonymous said...

This is indeed infuriating. It's not only Colorado, and now Santa Fe, but American University in Washington D.C. cut their Men's tennis team earlier in the year, and then following an uproar and letters to the President, agreed to fund the team for only one more year. Now this -


Same thing happened to the Men's Crew team a few years ago, but both Women's Crew and now Women's tennis will continue to be funded.

Anonymous said...

What is the ITA?
Who is David Benjamin?
Who represents the Men's Tennis Programs in situations like these? I read the article and it doesn't seem possible the University would cut the program if it is sustained by outside finances. But who knows, because Colorado raised enough money to run for two years and the program was still terminated.
How does Men's College Tennis not have a voice or representation over what is happening?