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Thursday, March 9, 2006

On The Road....Sort of

On The Road....Sort of ~~~

Well, we got as far as Detroit. But couldn't resist the opportunity to give up our seats for vouchers, so we won't arrive in Mobile until Friday. There's been a lot of discussions in the comment section about wild cards, so I'm providing this link to the recently announced NASDAQ-100 list in Miami later this month. WC Philippoussis is among them.


Anonymous said...

Did Chris Evert save NASDAQ too? I see on your new blog and the wild cards named, the same kid Tatashvili got another wild card into the main event. Can I have my daughter start at Evert's. Isn't Evert's owned by IMG also?

Anonymous said...


I thought you'd have mentioned that, according to the link, "Alex Kuznetsova" is in the draw. Perhaps the person who wrote the Pacific Life Open blurb is doubling up at the Nasdaq.

I'll bet they wish Stan Smith was still playing. Now there's a name even they could spell LOL


Anonymous said...

Kuznetsov . . sp. Getting a main draw wild card at Nasdaq? I didn't see that one but I like what the guy wrote about wild cards and how they give them to players.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the USTA will be setting up headquarters at Evert. Having your daughter there may not be such a bad idea after all! Good connections there indeed!

Anonymous said...

I have been at Evert Academy last November with my daugter and saw Tatishvili practice sessions. She hit against 6'6" guys with unbelievable intensity. My reaction to this was " I do not want my daugther to do anything like this" and "there should be an easier way to make money than play tennis". I think Tatishvili deserves her wildcards. If your daughter is ready to work like this then Evert will get her wildcards too.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the person who responded about wild cards, Tatashvili, deserves them is either an IMG or Evert employee. She "deserves them" for what? And, the USTA setting up headquarters at Evert's is more of what's bad for tennis.

OK, so all the kids that go to Evert's get wild cards into tournaments. That makes good sense to better our youngsters attitudes about corruption.

Wake up. The current system of wild cards at events must be changed. It took a lot of effort to get instant replay into the game, let's make an effort to clean up wild cards.

Another joke, Donald Young getting wild cards. OK, Donald was number one in juniors and deserved some. But now, he can't win a future event against men, let alone a wild card against Tim Henman.

Anonymous said...

Reading the controversy that Collete has started about wild cards, thought I would put my two cents into the fury.

Who was the last good player the USTA developed by giving out wild cards?

Does the USTA really have an input into awarding wild cards? Or, does it go to the tournament operators? I really would like an answer.

One of your writers says that IMG owns events so they give them to their players. Is this true?

Thanks awaiting replys