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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

US Junior Open Wild Cards

US Junior Open Wild Cards--As the Andrew Murray wild card furor demonstrates, everyone has something to say about wild cards. Here's the US Open Junior main draw list:

WC Arnould Dylan USA
WC Hamui Johnny USA
WC Hunt Jamie USA
WC Lajola Dennis USA
WC McClune Michael USA
WC Schnugg Nathaniel USA
WC Seguso Holden USA
WC Spencer Wil USA

There are a few surprises,--Matt Bruch, Spencer Vegosen and Marcus Fugate relegated to qualifying despite their Top 100 ITF rankings; Arnould, Seguso, Hamui and Lajola getting wild cards despite undistinguished performances in Kalamazoo.

Here's the US Open Junior qualifying wild card list:

WC Buchanan Chase USA
WC Chin Waylon USA
WC Hochwalt Tyler USA
WC Jenkins Jarmere USA
WC Nevolo Dennis USA
WC Niki Takuto JPN

If anyone out there knows who Niki Takuto is, and why he got a wild card, I'd love to know. I'm a big fan of the other five players, all of them 16 or younger. I think Hochwalt could have gotten the nod over Hamui or Lajola for a main draw spot, as he did have two impressive Legg-Mason qualifying wins AND won the 16s Clays. But the real injustice is the omission, from either list, of Steve Forman, who has had an outstanding summer and was runnerup in the 16s in Kalamazoo. He's proven he can play with the best of his age group. He should have been given a wild card.